From Firewall to Firewalling

Transitioning from data centers to centers of data? Juniper's Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture helps you secure and operationalize your architectural transformation.

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Juniper brings an experience-first approach to securing and operationalizing your data center architectural transition by extending security services across your distributed centers of data.

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Operationalize Security Services Everywhere with Juniper

Juniper introduces Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture for securing and operationalizing your data center architecture transition.

Industry-First Distributed Security Services Architecture

Deploy security consistently across your network, regardless of architecture, with a unified management experience and a single policy framework. Juniper's Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture uniquely integrates with our routing infrastructure, giving you the best of all worlds—scalability, simplicity, and flexibility.

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Meet the Newest Members of the SRX Family of Firewalls

Discover the four new high-performance platforms to join Juniper's family of firewalls: the SRX1600, SRX2300, SRX4300, and SRX4700. The SRX family of firewalls have been validated the industry's most effective against threats and help you protect your network edge, data center network, and cloud applications.

CIO Webcast: Modern Data Center Security

What happens when your data—the crown jewel of your business—moves from a centralized self-contained data center to multiple distributed locations?

It becomes significantly harder to manage and secure, especially with global cybersecurity talent shortage and most organizations only have a small team of security staff and limited budget.

A modern approach to securing data center architecture transition is needed.

In this webcast hosted by CIO and Juniper, you’ll learn:

  • Top security challenges most companies are facing today
  • Why traditional approaches to security aren’t working
  • How Juniper’s new connected security solution evolves traditional individual firewalls to “firewalling” the entire network
  • What role AI can play in security going forward

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