Juniper and Corero Joint DDoS Protection Solution

With the increasing sophistication, magnitude, and frequency of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, can your network keep pace? Stay ahead of these threats by adding Juniper-Corero Joint DDoS Protection to your existing Juniper routing platforms.

Corero SmartWall Threat Defense Director (TDD) software on Juniper MX Series routers and Juniper PTX series routers delivers real-time DDoS detection and line-rate mitigation. You get always-on packet-level monitoring, automated machine analysis, and infrastructure-based enforcement across the network edge.

Key Features

  • Automated DDoS mitigation in seconds at line rate that scales from 50 Gbps to 40 Tbps
  • Advanced Protection from “Carpet Bombing” attacks
  • 5G DDoS visibility with GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) payload inspection, as well as ability to inspect network traffic within GRE, VXLAN and IP-IP tunnels
  • Multi-Tenant Portal for as a Service offerings or views by department within an enterprise

Features + Benefits

Built-in defenses

Use your existing MX Series and PTX Series routing platforms to automatically defend against DDoS attacks at the network edge with Corero SmartWall TDD software.

High-performing protection at scale

Scale protection capacity anywhere from 50 Gbps to 40 Tbps without performance degradation.

Always-on packet-level monitoring

Automate responses to stop DDoS attacks in seconds and improve visibility.

Multi-Tenant Portal

Whether as a Managed Service offering or for use within a customer by the IT department, the Corero SmartWall TDD solution allows individual tenants or departments to access and view the state of DDoS attacks for their network while providing a global view to the organization managing the TDD deployment


Real-Time DDoS Mitigation Gives Linode a Competitive Edge

Developers can get virtual servers running in seconds at Linode, and that agility has driven the cloud provider’s growth to global scale. It now offers security with the same agility, with the ability to mitigate devastating DDoS attacks in real time.

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