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Did you know that you can turn your Juniper MX / PTX series routers into effective DDoS protection devices? Simply by turning on the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense Director (TDD) software, volumetric DDoS protection solution that Juniper and Corero jointly developed.

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Explore the power of automated DDoS protection free for 30 days. Experience what it’s like to

  • Improve visibility with always-on packet-level monitoring
  • Automate responses to stop DDoS attacks in seconds
  • Scale protection capacity anywhere from 50 Gbps to 40 Tbps
  • Reduce DDoS mitigation costs by leveraging routers at the network edge
  • Enable managed DDoS protection as a service offering


Try SmartWall TDD today. See how you can achieve automated DDoS protection with precision and speed.

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The SmartWall Threat Defense Director (TDD) trial is only available to Juniper customers who have already purchased MX series or PTX series routers in the past. Resellers, MSPs, competitors, sales agents, and distributors are not eligible. Juniper Networks reserves the right to deny, modify, suspend, or terminate this offer for any reason.