HealthBot is a network health and diagnostic solution that provides consistent and coherent operational intelligence across all service provider, cloud, and enterprise network domains, from network access to servers in the data center. Integrated with Junos Telemetry Interface (JTI) and standards-based OpenConfig telemetry, HealthBot aggregates large volumes of time series telemetry data and provides a multidimensional view across the network and applications. It translates real-time analytics into actionable insights.

HealthBot combines the power of telemetry, programmability, advanced algorithms, and machine learning for highly automated diagnostics. Built-in, advanced algorithms, and machine learning technology correlate multiple data sources, establish operational benchmarks, determine anomalies, and perform proactive corrective actions—all critical to intent-based networking.


Key Features

  • Automated analytics
  • Programmability-first approach
  • Intuitive web-based dashboard
  • YANG-based health and root-cause analysis modeling

Features + Benefits

Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms

Applies machine learning to dynamically master the baseline performance of infrastructure elements and network applications; proactively triggers corrective actions when real-time metrics deviate from configured tolerance levels.

Health Monitoring and Network Analytics

Provides an aggregated and abstracted view of network health, correlating raw streaming telemetry data into a multidimensional view of the health and projected risk of the infrastructure and its workloads.

Closed-Loop Automation

Enables highly customized policies and playbooks through a functional drag-and-drop web interface; intelligently automates diagnostic workflow and sustains overall performance goals.

Microservices-Based Architecture

Creates the containers needed to collect and analyze required data automatically, based on a scale-out architecture.