Beeline automates its network to help customers improve workforce agility

Consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, and other non-employees are a vital part of the global workforce. Beeline, a leader in extended workforce management software, helps companies acquire this type of talent and improve visibility and controls over their contingent workers.

An agile, automated, and threat-aware network from Juniper supports Beeline’s AI-powered SaaS platform and its global business operations as more companies and people seek flexible work.


Company Beeline
Industry SaaS Services
Products used Juniper ApstraQFX10002QFX5120EX4300EX4400SRX4100SRX345Advanced Threat PreventionSecurity DirectorAP32AP33AP41AP43Wired AssuranceWireless (Wi-Fi) Assurance
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Reduction in network escalations after initial Juniper deployment


Reduction in time to deliver network change requests


Of U.S. companies use contractors or outside consultants (2020 U.S. Census)


Growth in Beeline’s procurement services business in 2021


Help more companies find and manage talent

Beeline is on a double-digit growth trajectory, with momentum fueled by the global talent shortage and the company’s innovative, AI-driven SaaS offerings. To maximize agility, Beeline shifted to a hybrid cloud IT environment.

“Our big push is to extend to the cloud,” says Jason Philp, director of infrastructure at Beeline.

As part of this initiative, Beeline wanted to refresh its on-premises data centers to maximize the agility and efficiency advantages of a hybrid strategy. With more staff working remotely and more data and applications outside its private data centers, Beeline also wanted to strengthen cybersecurity and begin building a secure access service edge (SASE).

Beeline Challenge

A smarter network from campus to hybrid cloud

Beeline relies on an all-Juniper network, including AI-driven wired and wireless access in its offices, an IP fabric for its data centers, and enterprise WAN and cloud connections.

The company refreshed its data center networks with an IP fabric and automation for greater flexibility, scale, and control. Juniper Apstra’s intent-based automation software simplified deployment of the spine-and-leaf underlay and EVPN-VXLAN overlay. Apstra continuously validates the network to support reliable data center operations, while Apstra’s powerful analytics and root-cause identification help IT quickly pinpoint and resolve issues. Beeline uses the Juniper QFX10002 Switch for the spine and the QFX5120 Switch for the leaf nodes of the fabric.

A Juniper threat-aware network helps Beeline strengthen cybersecurity and protect customer data privacy. Adopting Juniper Security Director Cloud was part of its move toward a SASE architecture, which allows IT to tightly manage security across the distributed environment.

Juniper SRX Firewalls with advanced security services, such as intrusion detection/prevention, URL filtering, and content security, deliver next-generation protection for Beeline’s data centers and offices, while Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention provides real-time threat detection and mitigation.

Beeline Solution

Fueling more flexible work

With a flexible, secure, and automated Juniper network, Beeline can stay focused on advancing its extended workforce management platform to help customers like Amazon, Pfizer, and Southwest Airlines source, engage, and manage their contingent workforces.

Hybrid cloud with modern data centers allows Beeline to optimize IT service delivery for performance, cybersecurity, data privacy controls, and cost. Beeline’s own workforce has easy access to its applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud and whether they work from home or the office.

“A software-defined network with Juniper gives us greater control and segmentation over our network,” says Philp. “It allows us to easily integrate acquired companies into our environment while maintaining our strong security controls.”

Juniper Connected Security makes Beeline’s network threat-aware, with defenses built in and extended to every point of connection to keep the network clear for business-critical traffic.

“By building a secure edge with Juniper Security Director Cloud, we can add new locations easily and deliver a better user experience while simplifying access for all locations, users, and applications,” says Philp.

With the insights and automation of Juniper Mist Wired Assurance and Wi-Fi Assurance, driven by Mist AI™, staff have fast, reliable connectivity for their devices in the office. Front-line support personnel are empowered to troubleshoot faster, and fewer issues are escalated to the infrastructure team.

“Mist AI allows us to catch ghosts in the network,” says Philp.

Handsome  Customer Support Operator
"With Juniper in our data centers, we have the versatility to process large volumes of data without worrying that the network is a roadblock."
Jason Philp Director of Infrastructure, Beeline

Published February 2023