Juniper Cloud Workload Protection

Juniper Cloud Workload Protection defends application workloads in any cloud or on-premises environment in and against advanced and zero-day exploits, automatically as they happen. It ensures that production applications always have a safety net against vulnerability exploits, keeping business-critical services connected and resilient.

Key Features

  • Run-time Protection
  • Sophisticated Attack Prevention
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Zero Trust Microsegmentation

Features + Benefits

Run-time Protection

Provides real-time protection against attacks and safeguards the application from malicious actions without manual intervention, catching sophisticated attacks that endpoint detection (EDR) and web application firewall (WAF) solutions cannot.

Sophisticated Attack Prevention

Safeguards against sophisticated attacks like zero-day exploits, the OWASP Top 10, and memory-based attacks aimed at application vulnerabilities and workloads.

Vulnerability Detection

Continuously assesses vulnerabilities in applications and containers, detecting serious and critical exploit attempts as they happen. 

Comprehensive Telemetry

Provides rich, application-level security event generation and reporting, including application connectivity, topology, and detailed information about the attempted attack. 

Minimal False Alerts

Validates the execution of applications and detects attacks without using behavior or signatures, resulting in virtually no false alerts.

Zero Trust Microsegmentation

Shields application resources from lateral threat propagation and integrates with Juniper vSRX Virtualized Firewalls to restrict access based on risk, even as workloads and virtual environments change. Automated threat response with built-in, real-time telemetry helps security teams detect once, and block across the entire network.

CyberRatings Enterprise Firewall Test

Juniper receives highest security effectiveness rating in CyberRatings Enterprise Firewall test.

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