Ting Internet plans bold fiber growth with Juniper from customer to core

Ting Internet has been rapidly growing for years, recently accelerated by the national fiber race. The company, a division of Internet pioneer Tucows, delivers lightning-fast fiber Internet to homes and businesses in key markets across the U.S.

Ting Internet chose Juniper for the foundation of its new core and regional networks, helping deliver optimized customer experiences and supporting business growth. 


Company Ting Internet, a division of Tucows
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX10003MX204ACX5400ACX710SRX380SRX1500EX4650EX4400EX2300
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Customer Success At-a-glance

Providing 13+ communities across Idaho, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland with fiber Internet.   


Fast, reliable, and future-proof fiber internet

Ting Internet has grown its national footprint over the past seven years using a variety of network models. But rather than stitch together a patchwork of networks to fuel growth, the company decided to start fresh.

“To meet our growth plans, we wanted to completely redesign and rebuild the network,” says Alex Le Heux, senior network architect at Tucows. “We had a unique opportunity to start from scratch.”

Ting Internet set out to create a scalable, efficient foundation to deliver fiber Internet to underserved communities in Idaho, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland—with plans to serve many more homes and businesses hungry for gigabit-speed Internet. 

Ting Challenge

A consistent, programmable network built for scale

Ting Internet uses Juniper for its core, regional, and access networks. “One of the main reasons we chose Juniper is because the Junos operating system runs consistently across all platforms,” says Le Heux.

The operational experience of a Juniper network allows Ting Internet to automate network configuration, deployment, and operations at scale. The engineering team created Ansible automation tools that tap into the open, programmable Juniper network to simplify complex configurations and reduce potential configuration errors.

Ting Internet uses Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms for its MPLS core and edge networks. Juniper ACX Series Metro Routers provide access and aggregation, streamlining the regional network architecture and lowering costs while enabling an expansion of enterprise-class services.

Juniper’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) subscriber management solution helps Ting Internet deliver a better customer experience while simplifying service delivery. Juniper’s stateful, high-availability DHCP capability is an elegant way to improve network resilience and protect Internet service availability.

Ting Internet also uses Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches on customers’ premises, which extends functionality and efficiency into homes and businesses. 

Ting Solution

Meeting growing demand for fiber Internet

Whether at home, work, or school, people want to be always connected, and Ting Internet is ready to meet that expectation with fast, reliable Internet.

With Juniper’s support, Ting Internet has a consistent, automatable network that allows it to deliver its fiber services to more communities across the US with no data caps and predictable pricing. Businesses can count on blazing-fast connectivity with 99.99% reliability to succeed in a digital world.

Beyond accelerating the transition to gigabit fiber, the Ting Internet network carries traffic from Tucows’ other businesses—including domain registration, web hosting, and email—to collectively serve millions of customers.

“Automating our Juniper network helps us scale our network and increase velocity,” says Le Heux. 

Ting Outcome
“The best way to scale our network is to automate as much as possible. A Juniper network is well-positioned to handle automation.”
Alex Le Heux Senior Network Architect, Tucows, Ting Internet’s parent company

Published April 2022