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Connected Security


Juniper Connected Security allows you to safeguard users, applications, and infrastructure by extending security to all connection points across the network. Next-generation firewall services safely allow the operations of critical applications and block advanced malware from entering your network. You can have more visibility in real time at the network layer and build security technology that protects against both known and unknown threats.

Want to learn more about Connected Security features and configuration options? Use the information below to help you find the specific information you need. For a high-level overview of Connected Security, watch Simplified: Connected Security. For in-depth coverage of Junos OS features, see our content in the TechLibrary.

Next-Generation Firewall Services

If you want to


Get started with Juniper Network’s advanced security services story

Check out SRX Series Day One: Up and Running with Advanced Security Services   

Understand about licensing requirements for your device

Go to Licenses for SRX Series

Start managing your SRX Series devices using J-Web

See Security J-Web Getting Started

Build your knowledge about application security to get visibility, enforcement, and control over the types of applications in your network

Read Understanding Application Security

Understand how to provide greater control and extensibility to manage dynamic applications traffic using unified security policies


Learn how to use application tracking to gather statistics for analyzing bandwidth usage of your network


Learn about inline decryption and inspection of inbound and outbound SSL connections for better visibility into application usage

Check out:

Learn how to protect against virus-infected files, trojans, worms, spyware, and other malicious code using on-device or on-cloud antivirus feature

Go to:

Understand how to use the antispam feature to block unwanted e-mail traffic by scanning inbound and outbound SMTP e-mail traffic


Learn how to use Web filtering to prevent access to inappropriate Web content

Check out:

Learn how to mitigate threats and protect against a wide range of attacks and vulnerabilities


Understand how to restrict or permit users individually or in groups by user-defined roles


Learn about IPsec VPN architectures and topologies and understand how to incorporate the IPsec VPN features into your use case

Check out Day One: IPsec VPN Cookbook  

Explore the option to enable secure communications across a public WAN such as the Internet


Learn how to provide wired and wireless Internet and Intranet access at a branch office using primary WAN and backup LTE connections

Check out:

Advanced Threat Prevention

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Learn about Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud (ATP Cloud), a cloud-based anti-malware solution

Check out Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Get started with configuring the SRX Series device with Juniper ATP Cloud

See Day One+ for Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud (Quick Start)

Build on your knowledge on new features in Juniper ATP Cloud to block both known and unknown cyberthreats

Read Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud New Features  

Learn how to provide file scanning, e-mail scanning, and feeds for blocking infected hosts by integrating your SRX Series device with the Juniper ATP cloud

See Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance Integration with the SRX Series Device

Visibility, Management, and Analytics

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Learn how Juniper Security Director provides application visibility and actionable intelligence through an intuitive, centralized interface

Watch Juniper Networks Security Director

Get started with Security Director to manage security policies through an intuitive, centralized, Web-based interface

See Day One+ Security Director

Learn how to automatically enforce security policies to enable pervasive security across the network

Visit Policy Enforcer Connectors Guide

Explore the possibility of configuring and deploying the Connected Security solution using Junos OS devices

Read Juniper Connected Security Solution for Juniper Networks Devices

Understand how to configure and deploy the Connected Security solution using third-party switches and wireless access controllers with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM)

Check out Juniper Connected Security Using Third-Party Devices and Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

Learn how to build an enterprise Juniper Connected Security using Juniper Networks devices with Forescout CounterACT to block or quarantine infected hosts

Go to Juniper Connected Security Solution Use Case: Automated Threat Remediation Using Forescout CounterACT

Explore using Juniper Secure Analytics to get a real-time window into security events that you can use to quickly correlate activity and remediate issues

Read Juniper Secure Analytics Users Guide