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When devices become weaponized.

As DDoS attacks continue to grow in magnitude, frequency, and sophistication; traditional security measures are no longer enough. Juniper and Corero have joined forces to develop the SmartWall Threat Defense Director, a modern security solution to meet today’s challenges. In this video, you’ll see a demo of some of the newest features.

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You’ll learn

  • What to expect with 5G

  • How to keep your devices safe

  • The power of Juniper and Corero joining forces

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0:03 [Music]

0:05 for years

0:06 we've become used to ddos attacks coming

0:08 from the outside

0:09 from the internet but what if the ddos

0:12 attacks

0:12 are coming from the inside 5g will

0:15 result in a 10 to 100 times increase in

0:18 connected devices with higher bandwidth

0:22 for mobile carriers what if your

0:24 subscribers devices

0:26 unknowingly get infected and become

0:28 weaponized into botnets and launch

0:30 ddos attacks as ddos attacks continue to

0:33 grow in magnitude

0:34 frequency and sophistication traditional

0:37 black holing

0:38 out-of-band scrubbing centers and manual

0:40 intervention

0:41 are no longer enough

0:44 this is why juniper networks and carrero

0:47 network security

0:48 have joined forces and developed a

0:50 modern ddos solution

0:52 in this video we'll demonstrate some new

0:54 features in smart wall threat defense

0:56 director 10.3

1:04 with this release smartwall tdd can look

1:07 for attacks from the subscriber side of

1:09 the mobile networks

1:12 this is enabled by the new gprs

1:14 tunneling protocol

1:15 or gtp payload inspection feature

1:18 gtp is used in all mobile networks

1:21 including 5g

1:23 with smart wall tdds gtp payload

1:26 inspection capability

1:28 mobile carriers can extract the tunnel

1:29 header id inside the gtp header

1:33 then skip over the gtp header and look

1:35 inside the encapsulated traffic to

1:37 examine the packet payload

1:41 the solution also supports gre gtpu

1:44 ipnip and vxlan inspection

1:51 with the ip intelligence plugin carriers

1:53 can track which source country and which

1:56 asm that the attack ip address relates

1:58 to

2:02 with gtp payload and ip intelligence

2:04 visibility

2:06 mobile carriers can identify malicious

2:08 activity

2:09 inform the subscribers and eventually

2:12 stop the attacks

2:14 this way mobile carriers can protect

2:16 their brand reputation

2:17 and even offer the protection as a

2:19 value-added service to subscribers

2:26 smartwall service portal is an optional

2:28 component that enables service providers

2:30 to offer ddos protection as a managed

2:34 service

2:36 as the provider you can view aggregate

2:38 traffic data and analyze attacks across

2:40 the entire network

2:43 which is protected by smartwall tdd as

2:46 well as viewing traffic data on a per

2:48 customer basis

2:52 additionally your customers can log into

2:54 their own view of the service portal

2:56 and see the attack information that

2:57 relates to their organization

3:01 this enables them to immediately see the

3:04 benefit of the ddos protection service

3:06 both historically and in real time

3:11 this release also includes additional

3:13 capabilities for providers to define

3:15 service level policy automatically

3:17 matched and applied to the different

3:18 tiers of defined service levels

3:24 this gives service providers a stronger

3:26 monetization strategy

3:27 with different pricing associated with

3:29 different tiers of protection services

3:36 customers now have more bgp policy

3:39 control with smart wall tdd 10.3

3:43 you can do more with the traffic before

3:45 it gets to mx series routers

3:47 or choose to steer it to mx routers for

3:49 inspection and mitigation

3:54 for example if there are other vendors

3:56 devices in the network

3:57 with this release customers can have

3:59 much more flexible control with the

4:01 flowspec

4:01 actions as a result of that bgp policy

4:04 control

4:07 what this means is that customers now

4:09 get the powerful middle ground where

4:10 they can actually do more of the

4:12 filtering themselves with upstream

4:14 traffic control

4:17 preventing their links from being

4:18 saturated and then

4:20 with whatever residuals come down the

4:22 links their payload is inspected

4:24 and the attacks will be mitigated with

4:26 mx routers powered by the trio chipset

4:30 learn more about the juniper carrero

4:32 joint ddos solution

4:34 at ddos

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