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Exploring 5G Security Strategy Considerations

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Side-by-side photographs of host Phil Harvey, Editor, Light Reading, and Albert Lew, Director of Product Line Management, Juniper Networks, as they talk about 5G security strategies.

5G security — it matters and here’s how Juniper can help.

Juniper can help strengthen your 5G security by empowering the network to identify and respond to threats before they can do harm. Juniper’s Albert Lew explains how in this 5G, security-focused episode of Light Reading.

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You’ll learn

  • How 5G security compares to previous mobile generations 

  • The ways in which Juniper Insights detects malicious threats encrypted in 5G traffic 

  • How Juniper helps network operators analyze traffic to detect and quickly respond to threats

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Phil Harvey Headshot
Phil Harvey
Editor, Light Reading 

Guest speakers

Albert Lew Headshot
Albert Lew
Director of Product Line Management, Juniper Networks