Neil Holden, Chief Information Officer, Halfords

Halfords Relies on Juniper AIOps for Retail Transformation

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Screenshot from the video of a Halfords employee helping a customer in front of an automobile outside of a Halfords retail location. Both are looking at a tablet device.

UK-based retailer sees “truly groundbreaking” benefits from Juniper AI-driven networks.

Retailers take note: The revenue possibilities from installing a Juniper AI-driven network are on full display at Halfords, a leading UK-based motoring and cycling retailer. Watch along for specific ways Juniper drives a “massive difference in store operations”—benefiting both customers and employees alike.

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You’ll learn

  • How, thanks to Juniper AI, Halfords has unified the digital and physical customer experience

  • About new revenue opportunities available with an AI-driven network

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Neil Holden Headshot
Neil Holden
Chief Information Officer, Halfords


0:01 making Investments like replacing a

0:04 network in a 131 year old retailer with

0:07 over a thousand physical locations isn't

0:10 a small thing to do but really the

0:13 market now particularly in our industry

0:15 is very focused on Bridging the digital

0:18 and physical experiences the network is

0:21 a is a backbone for all of that in terms

0:24 of how customers interact with with us

0:26 in a physical location

0:28 we want to be able to provide the right

0:30 information in real time to colleagues

0:32 so they can provide the best service to

0:34 customers and the network really enables

0:36 that before Juniper the network was

0:38 unreliable often with our colleagues

0:41 would complain of network connectivity

0:43 issues often going out in the car park

0:45 they were losing activity which was

0:47 never a good thing for our customers it

0:49 just wasn't a good journey at all we

0:51 looked at a lot of different solutions

0:52 and a lot of different vendors before we

0:54 selected Juniper the intelligence and

0:57 the security aspects of the solution the

1:00 way the Juniper partnered with us and

1:03 then really the capability that it can

1:04 provide for customers and colleagues and

1:07 the operational stability the

1:09 self-health capabilities that the AI

1:12 part of the network will provide

1:14 all-round gave us a brilliant solution

1:17 that will really help us to progress our

1:21 digital evolution

1:23 so now with juniper we've noticed a

1:25 massive difference in our in-store

1:26 operation so the connectivity now is far

1:29 more reliable than it's ever been our

1:30 devices in store not just our tills we

1:32 have Samsung mobile devices as well they

1:35 don't drop out any a network at all

1:37 again allows for a much much better

1:39 customer experience the future of

1:41 Halfords and Juniper is really exciting

1:43 we want to use the platform to innovate

1:46 for customers and colleagues we have a

1:49 really great team of people in Halfords

1:52 technology great ideas great Innovations

1:55 we can leverage the investment that

1:58 we've made in the network to use things

2:00 like geofencing we can use triangulation

2:02 to identify devices and therefore

2:05 customers within our stores and talk to

2:08 them very specifically about what they

2:09 may need or want we can utilize Halfords

2:13 motoring Club a loyalty industry first

2:16 loyalty proposition to talk even more

2:18 specifically with customers about offers

2:21 and promotions there might be a to them

2:24 at that specific point and even perhaps

2:26 within that location within the store

2:28 which is truly groundbreaking stuff

2:30 [Music]

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