Ronald van Loon, Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World

AI-Powered Campus Networks: Insights on University Tech Transformations

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Ronald van Loon
Image showing a cover slide show casing that Ronald van Loon, CEO at Intelligence World and Sudheer Matta VP at Juniper Networks for a video called “AI-Powered Campus Networks”

Ronald van Loon, Top Global AI & IoT Influencer, Juniper Networks Partner & CEO at Intelligent World, and Sudheer Matta, Group Vice President Products at Juniper Networks talk about the insights on university tech transformations with AI-powered campus networks.

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You’ll learn

  • How the University of Texas, Dallas gets the best user-experience

  • What technology is required to get the best user-experience

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Ronald van Loon
Ronald van Loon
Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World

Guest speakers

Sudheer Matta Headshot
Sudheer Matta
VP Products, Juniper Networks


0:00 an AI driven higher educational campus

0:04 like we're here at the University of

0:05 Texas in Dallas and I am here with an

0:08 expert in this domain with sudir Mata

0:11 you're the group vice president of

0:13 product management for AI driven

0:15 Enterprises at Juniper and we are going

0:18 to dive in how the unit University of

0:21 Texas in Dallas get great user

0:23 experiences for the professors for their

0:25 students and for all the facility people

0:27 that work over here let's dive into it

0:30 can you explain how the University of

0:33 Texas here in Dallas gets the best user

0:35 experience first of all Ron thank you

How the University of Texas Dallas gets the best user experience

0:37 for the time I really appreciate the

0:39 opportunity you know Wi-Fi is a and and

0:42 networks are basically like utilities on

0:44 higher ed right they just have to be

0:46 always on that always work right and so

0:49 what we have done with with juniper with

0:51 the AI drone Enterprise technology is

0:53 we've brought AI such that we could

0:57 optimize the network to to work well in

1:00 a high density environment like higher

1:03 education higher education universities

How Juniper has applied AI to optimize the network

1:05 are the melting pots of network I mean

1:06 every Christmas every semester they get

1:09 new devices and it's all over the map in

1:12 terms of the the demand on the network

1:13 so what we've done is really apply AI to

1:17 make the network self-organizing

1:19 self-optimizing and perform at a high

1:21 level all the time and so we've done

1:23 really well especially you know you're

1:25 coming from Netherlands you know in the

1:27 Europe University of Oxford University

1:29 of Bristol University of Plymouth

1:30 University of Amsterdam you know a lot

1:33 of higher ed in the US here you know

1:35 lots of universities that that we've

1:37 actually deployed at of course we are

1:39 here at the host uh University of Texas

1:40 Dallas they've had the network now for

1:43 about three four years it's been a great

1:44 experience so far and there was 20 000

1:47 students over here and some have three

1:49 four five devices so what is really

1:51 required for a university like this uh

1:54 what do they need from infrastructure

1:55 what do they need from wireless access

1:57 points yeah so what what they do is a

What do they need from wireless access points

2:00 tip typically it starts with a wired

2:03 Network the switching network has to be

2:04 robust rock solid has to be able to

2:07 power the access points a lot of

2:09 universities still run Legacy you know

2:11 switching platforms so what what UT

2:13 Dallas here did is they first upgraded

2:15 the infrastructure away from Cisco to

2:18 Juniper switching and that became the

2:20 foundation and started plugging in

2:22 building by building literally you know

2:24 the the migration that was done here it

2:26 started in the it building literally you

2:28 plug in a few APS and you know leave the

2:31 rest of the network the same way student

2:33 experience is the same we they can roam

2:36 across the Cisco and the Juniper

2:37 Networks while doing the migration and

2:39 that's what they've done they're

2:41 organically grown deploying access

2:43 points in these buildings slowly into

2:45 the campus and we're now fully deployed

2:48 on the UT Dallas campus here yeah and we

2:50 started with the AI driven Enterprise

2:52 the AI driven campus basically that's

2:54 right can you explain how Universe

2:56 helping such universities with this AI

How Universe can help

2:58 yeah so the AI fundament currently has

3:01 has you know let's say three primary

3:04 drives first things first we want to

3:06 make this to be the fastest deployment

3:08 you have ever done on campus you ask any

3:11 University that has deployed Juniper

3:13 Mist they will tell you this is the

3:15 fastest deployment they have ever done

3:17 of networking on Campus number one

3:19 number two we want you to have the

3:22 fewest tickets on campus meaning student

3:25 open Student Open tickets right so a lot

3:28 of universities UMass Amherst you know

3:30 University of Texas Dallas or LinkedIn

3:32 they've measured over 90 reduction in

3:36 student Open tickets so first make it

3:38 fast to deploy make it easy to deploy

3:40 second the fewest complaints from the

3:42 user but the third thing that we are

3:45 doing on higher education campuses like

3:47 UT Dallas and UT Arlington is we want to

3:50 make the campus a rich digital platform

3:52 we want you to walk into a campus and

3:55 feel like the campus can speak to you

3:57 digitally speaking so we're deploying

4:00 location Based Services on higher

4:02 education campuses if you're a new

4:04 student on campus and and you want to

4:06 find the next classroom you need to go

4:08 to if you're a parent on campus visiting

4:10 a student and you want to do a tour of

4:12 the campus you have a self-driven mobile

4:15 app that you could tour the campus with

4:18 turn by turn indoor and outdoor

4:20 navigation so digitizing the campus

4:22 fewer tickets better user experience and

4:25 then easy to deploy and operate for it

4:27 yeah and the students they don't care as

4:29 long as it's working very well that's

4:30 what I need and we have seen it

4:32 ourselves we had a great tour over here

4:33 and we have heard it from the speakers

4:35 today yeah very very very insightful

4:39 thanks a lot for the tour thanks a lot

4:41 for the insights and for the audience

4:42 thank you for watching and we look

4:44 forward to seeing you next time thank

4:46 you

4:49 [Music]

4:59 thank you

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