Introducing Juniper Campus Fabric Workflow

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New Campus Fabric Workflow enables simplified deployment of EVPN/VXLAN technology for campus networks.

Powered through the modern Mist AI cloud, this new switching solution delivers a seamless, standards-based L2 / L3 fabric without the deployment headaches and operational costs that traditionally occur in these environments.

You can now deploy common standards-based campus fabrics, such as EVPN multihoming, EVPN core/distribution, and IP Clos with an easy 3-step process. Simply: select your topology, assign devices/roles, and push configurations!

Juniper Mist Campus Fabric Workflow is part of Juniper Mist Wired Assurance Solution. Get in touch with us today!  

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You’ll learn

  • What is Campus Fabric

  • How to configure Campus Fabric

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:00 designing and deploying a campus network

0:02 is daunting you need to consider spaces

0:05 users devices iot applications security

0:08 and Mobility let alone scale plus ACL

0:12 sprawl and policy enforcement are a

0:14 nightmare how do you assure security and

0:16 success for your users teams and

0:18 stakeholders

0:19 time to upgrade your wired network with

0:22 campus fabric

0:23 what is campus fabric born in modern

0:26 cloud data centers with evpn vxlan

0:29 campus fabric safely and flexibly

0:31 extends L2 vlans across buildings and

0:34 geographies while securing traffic with

0:36 pain-free micro segmentation

0:38 and now Juniper has made it simple to

0:41 design deploy and operate a campus

0:43 fabric

0:44 first select the right topology for

0:47 small to medium sites such as a single

0:49 story campus or a big box retail evpn

0:53 multi-homing does the trick and helps

0:55 you eliminate STP or MC lag large

0:58 campuses like universities can use

1:00 campus fabric core distribution leaving

1:02 your access layer as is while extending

1:05 your layer 2 seamlessly and for large

1:07 Greenfield deployments like a new

1:09 hospital choose ipclos to make use of

1:12 micro segmentation bringing layer 3 down

1:15 to the access

1:16 now select your switches

1:18 [Music]

1:23 finally apply configurations and

1:25 policies

1:28 [Music]

1:46 within minutes your campus fabric is up

1:49 and running

1:57 welcome to campus fabric driven by Mist

2:00 AI

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