Reduce Higher Education Campus and End User Security Concerns

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This video shows the main higher education campus security concerns from end users and IT teams, and how these can be resolved with Juniper Connected Security solutions.

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You’ll learn

  • What students and staff are looking for in threat protection

  • How Juniper Connected Security solutions solve end user security 

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0:00 University campuses are home to an

0:02 Eclectic group of users

0:04 creating a diverse and dynamic set of

0:06 complex security concerns that need to

0:08 be addressed

0:10 how do I know my personal educational

0:12 and financial records are safe I just

0:15 want all my devices and games to work

0:19 how do I know all my sensitive research

0:21 and the institutions intellectual

0:24 property is protected

0:25 how do I secure campus and remote users

0:28 while securing the network

0:30 thankfully Juniper Networks has the

0:32 flexible Integrated Security Solution

0:34 that's right for everyone

0:36 our Advanced threat protection is the

0:39 Network's intelligence Hub helping find

0:42 and block commodity and zero-day cyber

0:44 threads within files IP traffic and DNS

0:47 requests

0:49 Juniper's SRX series of physical virtual

0:52 and containerized firewalls manage your

0:55 network traffic anywhere and everywhere

0:58 using segmentation and an advanced

1:01 security framework

1:03 with our unified visibility and policy

1:06 management we can meet the wide variety

1:08 of user needs while keeping the campus

1:10 Network secure

1:13 Juniper Networks bringing you the

1:17 ultimate flexibility for campus networks

1:19 contact us today to learn more

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