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Higher Education

Diverse research, business, and philanthropic objectives in higher education require no-compromise networks. With Juniper AI-driven solutions, colleges and universities gain smart campuswide infrastructure that enables them to:

  • Deliver premium in-person, online, and hybrid education and research experiences
  • Succeed with diversity and equality initiatives
  • Improve the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff


At the same time, Juniper solutions simplify and modernize network operations for maximum efficiencies and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

How Juniper can help

Juniper lets you determine exactly what experiences users are having. We automatically adjust the network for improvements and quickly find and remediate trouble spots, often before users are affected. Our AI-Driven Campus reference architecture is one reason that 17 of the most prominent 20 universities in the world run a Juniper network.

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Deliver premium Wi-Fi

Transform student and faculty campus networking experiences with always-on, anytime, anywhere access and best-in-class indoor wireless wayfinding, asset visibility, and location services.


Optimize IT efficiencies

Maximize user experience and operational efficiencies with AI-enabled networks that deliver digital simplicity, empower hybrid models, and enable smart, next-generation campus networks.

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Boost reliability and security

Establish safe learning environments and trusted research spaces with a threat-aware network that protects across every point of connection.

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Accelerate operations

Lower the cost and complexity of your institution’s network management operation with AI-powered insights that speed time to resolution, often fixing issues before they impact users​.

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AI-driven Wi-Fi takes digital experience honours at University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a renowned university and the oldest center of learning, teaching, and research in the English-speaking world. To deliver a better Wi-Fi experience to students, faculty, and staff, The University of Oxford IT Services is deploying AI-driven networking from Juniper. 

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Why Juniper is outpacing the competition

As you build out your network, check out this wired and wireless LAN comparison guide. See how Juniper, driven by Mist AI, stacks up against Cisco, Cisco Meraki, and Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Higher Education FAQs

How can Juniper network solutions help improve my higher education operations and customer experiences?

Juniper’s AI-driven, Experience-First Higher Education solutions help institutions modernize their networks, creating secure and smart campuses. The reliable network infrastructure foundation, powered by Juniper Mist AI™, enables limitless scalability with seamless connectivity and faster access to data that heightens learning environments, workforce development, staff retention, and student experiences while optimizing operations to reduce costs. Juniper cloud-ready data center networks let IT teams build, scale, and maintain reliable educational data center environments that deliver seamless experiences across campuses to all users.

Why is Experience-First Networking™ important for higher education?

Complete client-to-cloud enterprise solutions modernize and future-proof higher education institution operations. In addition, the assured wired and wireless connectivity fosters an open and seamless exchange of information that drives faculty and student engagement and collaboration. With Juniper AI for IT Operations (AIOps), you can optimize research and testing environments with scalable and secure data center networks. You’ll gain peace of mind against the high rate of cybersecurity threats by using Juniper Connected Security, which unifies all network elements into a threat-aware network and enables dynamically enforced security policies across every connection point.

What are the components of Juniper Experience-First Higher Education solutions?

Juniper’s AI-driven Mist platform is built on a modern microservices cloud architecture with an AI engine and wireless access points, Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance, Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, Juniper Marvis® Virtual Network Assistant, and EX Series Ethernet campus core.

Access switches enable universities and colleges to deliver exceptional user and device experiences for hybrid and remote learning with scalable secure home access while simplifying everyday troubleshooting and network performance and operations. Juniper’s cloud-ready data center networks help ensure research efficiency and success with increased performance for high-performance computing (HPC).

What are some use cases for Juniper Experience-First Higher Education solutions?

Juniper Experience-First Higher Education solutions offer a range of use cases to enhance educational institutions, including the following:

  • Best faculty and staff experiences. Automated and dynamic AI-driven solutions can address task and device management and enable academic solution implementations that increase productivity and provide more satisfying work environments to overcome staffing shortages. Cloud-ready data center networks with increased performance for high-performance computing optimize research efficiency and success.
  • Best student and guest experiences. Institutions are evaluating AI-driven technologies and cloud-ready data center networks to provide reliable connectivity for faster data access, improving academic experiences that meet students on their terms, time, and location to mimic real-life experiences and increase student recruitment.
  • Optimized business operations. Institutions look to shift to nimble, adaptable, and sustainable strategies through new technology investments. Automation, cloud services, and the underlying need for security to ensure public safety and protect privacy have become top priorities for expanding to an all-modern intelligent connected campus.

Who uses Juniper Experience-First Higher Education solutions?

Juniper higher education solutions are used by faculty, staff, students, and IT departments within universities and higher education institutions worldwide.

Explore these case studies to see how our customers leverage Juniper Experience-First Higher Education solutions to enhance their educational experiences and campus operations: