Journey Into AI With Marvis, Our Virtual Network Assistant

Animated image of screen shot that shows an animated person holding a clipboard with the words “How do I configure a Juniper campus fabric’ next to them.”

Juniper Networks has upended IT operations with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Now, Marvis not only fixes your network but helps you access troves of knowledge about networking.

Sign up for a demo today and see for yourself how Marvis can help.

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You’ll learn

  • How Marvis was created

  • How Marvis works

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:00 Juniper Networks has upended it

0:02 operations with artificial intelligence

0:04 machine learning and data science

0:07 and this is how we got to Marvis

0:10 but we didn't get there overnight

0:12 several years ago we began sending

0:14 millions of data points from network

0:16 devices to train our AI in the cloud

0:18 which became the basis for our AI

0:20 Primitives with our data science toolbox

0:23 the AI learned as we trained new models

0:25 and created Marvis a conversational

0:28 assistant unlocking access to AI for

0:31 your it team Marvis learned to

0:33 proactively find trouble in your network

0:36 laying the foundation for the

0:37 self-driving action framework for the

0:39 wireless wired and Wan

0:42 Marvis is always working alerting you to

0:44 potential issues before users notice and

0:47 can identify the causes of bad user

0:49 experiences

0:50 with Marvis we've changed the way you

0:53 operate networks moving the Paradigm

0:55 away from CLI log files and deciphering

0:58 dashboards to Simply having a

1:00 conversation with the network

1:02 for it teams troubleshooting is now as

1:05 easy as asking Marvis any unhappy users

1:07 today Marvis is a helpful member of your

1:10 team who is always learning and scales

1:12 with your needs and as large language

1:14 models rekindle excitement about AI

1:17 integrating chat GPT is a natural

1:19 evolution of marvis's skill set

1:21 providing quick answers to documentation

1:24 now Marvis not only fixes your network

1:27 but helps you access troves of knowledge

1:30 about networking

1:31 sign up for a demo today and see for

1:33 yourself how Marvis can help

1:36 [Music]

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