Mist Marvis Meets the Session Smart Router

Image showing three icons. The left icon is a robot face with two eyes, representing the Juniper Marvis AI Assistant. The middle icon is a heart. The right icon says, “SSR,” which is an acronym for “Session Smart Router.” The concept is that the AI Assistan loves SSR.

Love at first sight: The story of two technologies

Meet Marvis and the Session Smart Router. Learn how these two Juniper technologies work in combination to make your job as a network operator simpler and easier.  

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You’ll learn

  • How AI + telemetry = a match made in heaven 

  • How Session Smart Routers and Mist Marvis can easily uncover root-cause issues 

  • What the coupling of these technologies means for you and your end users 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


00:00 This is the story of two technologies.

00:03 Meet Marvis, the carefree networking assistance that handles all things AI.

00:08 Now, meet Session Smart.

00:10 The router loaded with rich telemetry for all the network traffic.

00:15 AI meets telemetry?

00:17 That's love at first sight.

00:18 This power couple does wonders for WAN Networks.

00:22 Marvis uncovers root cause issues impacting performance, like misbehaving applications

00:27 or slow server responses.

00:29 And provides IT operators with actionable insights, delivering an amazing experience

00:35 for the folks running the networks and those who use.

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