Sue Graham Johnston, VP/GM, Juniper Networks

Session Smart Networking with Sue Graham Johnston

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Juniper Session Smart Routing changes everything. Here’s why.

Juniper has innovated routing in ways that legacy vendors simply cannot touch. Juniper’s Sue Graham Johnston shares the advanced technology behind this AI-driven SD-WAN, and how it’s benefiting customers like you — including with Zero Trust built into the fabric.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper cracked the code for delivering quality experiences for both IT and end users.

  • The percentage reduction in quality-killing latency customers have seen (hint: it’s high)

  • How Juniper offers the best TCO in the industry and dramatically reduces bandwidth costs for customers

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Sue Graham Johnston Headshot
Sue Graham Johnston
VP, GM, Juniper Networks 



00:04 I'm Sue Graham Johnston and I'm VP, GM at Juniper Networks.

00:08 I came to this role after the acquisition of 128 technology by Juniper.

00:13 Prior to the acquisition, I was the President of 128 technology and before that I was Managing

00:19 Director of a nearly $2 billion industrial products company, driving a strategic digital

00:25 transformation agenda.

00:27 Let's talk a bit about the technology we call Session Smart Networking.

00:32 If you take away just a few thoughts, here they are.

00:35 For starters, Session Smart is the next generation of SD-WAN, AI-driven SD-WAN.

00:43 We've innovated in routing in ways that legacy vendors simply can't touch.

00:48 Like Juniper, Session Smart was engineered to optimize user experience.

00:54 With the industry's only session-based routing fabric, we cracked the code for delivering

01:00 quality experiences for end users and IT alike.

01:04 Customers have seen up to 60% reduction in quality killing latency for example.

01:10 We offer the best TCO in the industry by eliminating clunky tunnels, maximizing performance and

01:18 delivering it all in software that runs in the branch, in the data center and in the

01:23 cloud.

01:24 Customers can see 30 to 50% reduction in bandwidth costs.

01:29 Our SD-WAN fabrics scale to 10,000 plus edges, breaking through the limitations of tunnel

01:36 based legacy solutions all the while deploying routers and services at warp speed.

01:44 And finally, Session Smart baked Zero Trust Security and segmentation into the routing

01:50 fabric itself with our deny-all Secure Vector Routing, you can't have Zero Trust Secure

01:56 access without a zero-trust fabric, period.

02:00 We are the networking of the future.

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