Session Smart Routing Demo: Advanced Visibility and Analytics

Demo Drop SD-WAN

Meet the Juniper solutions for advanced security

Security is at the heart of the Juniper WAN solution. In just two and half minutes, you’ll learn all about the Juniper session smart router and its impressive security capabilities.  

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You’ll learn

  • How the thin branch approach distributes Zero Trust network security everywhere

  • How to implement access capabilities for various enterprise users

  • Ways a focused view of traffic events and threats can help secure your network

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Security Professionals



0:01 this demonstration will show how a user

0:03 consumes analytics via a dashboard

0:06 the orchestration management element

0:08 called conductor has several key

0:10 functions

0:11 one of these is to provide a single pane

0:13 of glass for analytics on all managed

0:15 routers using graphical and command line

0:18 interfaces

0:19 using deep packet inspection based

0:21 application id methods for active

0:23 traffic

0:24 we can see a variety of domains for

0:26 which sessions have targeted

0:28 here are sessions going to espn cnn

0:31 juniper and others next looking at the

0:34 top sessions consuming bandwidth right

0:36 now

0:37 we have a graph of total bandwidth for

0:39 the router plotted over time

0:41 here we see some of the analytics that

0:43 are devoted to our corporate internet

0:45 service

0:46 we can see all routes policies and

0:48 analytics

0:49 specific to this service all session

0:51 smart routing produced metrics can also

0:53 be viewed in customizable dashboards

0:56 as an example let's look at the secure

0:58 vector routing comparison tool

1:00 that calculates annualized total savings

1:03 of session smart routings tunnel-free

1:05 technology

1:06 versus other tunnel-based sd-wan

1:08 solutions

1:09 another built-in report shows data

1:11 collected from monitoring all available

1:13 peer paths on a given sessionsmart

1:16 router

1:17 we can also resize and rearrange the

1:19 layout of the charts

1:22 next the conductor hosts a centralized

1:25 api for all devices

1:26 which integrates easily into third-party

1:29 platforms for management and automation

1:32 this provides access to the same

1:34 thousands of metrics and analytics

1:36 shown in the gui or cli interfaces

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