Juniper Connected Security Solutions

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Your network: Is it Juniper connected secure?

When network security truly matters, you can count on Juniper. From building threat-aware networks to ensuring business-critical traffic is never interrupted, Juniper extends security to every point of connection. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s SASE can provide secure access to applications as they move to the cloud

  • How Juniper’s next-gen firewall has become the ideal solution for security at the edge 

  • How Juniper helps easily and effectively detect threats before any damage is done 

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals


00:00 an experience first network is threat

00:02 aware safeguarding users applications

00:05 and infrastructure by extending security

00:07 to every point of connection in a way

00:10 that's invisible to end users and easy

00:12 to maintain

00:13 make your network threat aware with

00:15 juniper connected security

00:17 assassi architecture brings together

00:19 networking and security providing direct

00:22 secure access to applications as they

00:24 move to the cloud

00:26 juniper meets customers where they are

00:28 on their sassy journey enabling them to

00:30 transition seamlessly and securely to

00:32 assassi architecture regardless of

00:34 location

00:35 manage security anywhere on-premises and

00:38 in the cloud from the cloud the next

00:40 generation firewall has evolved to

00:42 become the ideal solution for visibility

00:45 control and prevention at the network

00:47 edge

00:48 threat protection begins with complete

00:50 visibility into who and what is

00:52 traversing the network

00:54 combined with behavior analysis and the

00:55 ability to detect threats in real time

00:58 juniper delivers the most effective next

01:00 generation firewall in the industry

01:02 reliably safeguarding users applications

01:05 and devices

01:07 juniper makes cloud security easy by

01:09 securing the cloud consistently and at

01:11 every level between applications within

01:13 workloads and across environments

01:16 juniper offers validated threat

01:18 protection granular access control and

01:21 follow the application policies so that

01:23 no matter which cloud they're in

01:25 applications are always protected

01:27 juniper security services provide

01:29 actionable threat intelligence to

01:30 effectively stop advanced threats

01:32 providing a seamless and secure

01:34 experience for end users the entire

01:36 network becomes part of its own defense

01:38 which means attacks are detected and

01:40 mitigated more quickly and the network

01:43 is freed up for legitimate traffic

01:45 filter and control applications prevent

01:47 exploits and malware dynamically detect

01:50 zero-day threats and work ddos attacks

01:52 in seconds before any damage is done

01:55 juniper connected security provides a

01:57 zero trust data center architecture by

02:00 extending visibility intelligence and

02:02 enforcement applications and

02:04 microservices across physical data

02:07 centers as well as the public and

02:09 private clouds simultaneously

02:11 juniper connected security helps

02:13 organizations build threat aware

02:15 networks keeping attackers at bay and

02:17 the network clear for business critical

02:20 traffic

02:22 [Music]

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