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ZKast logo and side-by-side photos of Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research (left) and Chris Preimesberger, Editor Emeritus at eWeek, for discussion of technology trends and Secure Access Service Edge. Arista, Juniper, IBM, and Dell logos on right.

Industry expert Zeus Karravala says Juniper’s approach to SASE is unique and promising

Karravala and eWeek editor Chris Preimesberger report on the latest industry news, including their thoughts on Juniper’s new portal to SASE: the Security Director Cloud.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper is leading efforts in the SASE market with Security Director Cloud 

  • How Juniper’s approach to SASE helps users transition seamlessly and securely to the new architecture

  • How you can mitigate risks and reduce costs adopting a SASE architecture

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Zeus Kerravala Headshot
Zeus Kerravala
Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Guest speakers

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Chris Preimesberger
Editor Emeritus at eWeek