Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks Extends Collaboration with IBM to Deliver Unified RAN Management Platform

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Still image of Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks, on the Right.  She is also holding a microphone and looking at Rakshit Mehta, Industry Business Development Leader, IBM Cloud on the left.  He is also holding a microphone.  Behind them it is grey with a white EBM logo repeating in white.

Rakshit Mehta, IBM Cloud’s Industry Business Development Leader, discusses the integration of IBM’s network automation capabilities with Juniper’s Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) technology.

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You’ll learn

  • About Juniper’s partnership with IBM

  • What the technology the partnership brings together

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Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Rakshit Mehta
Industry Business Development Leader, IBM Cloud


0:00 well hello and we are here Mobile World

0:02 Congress Barcelona 2023 and I'm here at

0:06 the IBM Booth with rakshied Mehta rakshi

0:09 great to see you I know it's been an

0:10 exciting week so far so it has been it's

0:13 so much energy here in Barcelona it's

0:16 always great to be here and I can see

0:18 tremendous progress we've made over the

0:20 last one year since we've been here last

0:22 in 5G in hybrid cloud in AI it's amazing

0:26 to see all the Innovation all the

0:28 technology companies are putting

0:29 together so we just had a very exciting

0:33 announcement around extending our

0:35 collaboration as partners around

0:37 Juniper's Rick technology and IBM's

0:40 Cloud pack Network automation Suite tell

0:42 us a little bit about that we did and

0:44 it's it is really exciting and what it

0:47 does it brings together the power of

0:49 hybrid multi-cloud networks with

0:52 multi-winder Solutions it brings in Ai

0:55 and it brings in an ecosystem Sprints

0:58 into Iran intelligence

1:01 construct that provides the csp's

1:03 options to deliver new services to

1:06 optimize costs in their brand networks

1:09 there very interesting thank you and

1:11 thank you very much yeah great to be

1:13 here

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