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The Latest Industry Trends from Harold Sinnott at Mobile World Congress 2023

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Watch as industry influencer, Harold Sinnott explores the latest industry trends at Mobile World Congress 2023 including AI, Chat GBT, sustainability & more!

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Harold Sinnott
Technology Influencer


0:00 hi I'm Harold chinoth and I'm so happy

0:02 to be here in the Mobile World Congress

0:03 in Barcelona Spain so some of the trends

0:06 that we see here and that we are

0:08 discussing all over are regarding AI

0:10 Artificial Intelligence on chat GPT a

0:13 lot of conversation about it we need to

0:15 talk about sustainability also and there

0:18 is uh also what we call technology for

0:20 gold and green technology also a lot of

0:23 discussions about that and what we see

0:26 is only announcement that we are getting

0:28 here every day a 5G ecosystem of

0:31 Partners Partnerships are going to be

0:34 all over are all over and we're going to

0:36 continue working on that for integrating

0:38 systems from to get these multi-system

0:42 integration managing complexity

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