Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Bringing Value to Customers with Juniper Networks’ ORAN Solutions

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Still image of Juniper Networks CTO Raj Yavatkar holding a microphone and looking at Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks.  She is also holding a microphone.  They are both standing in front of a booth at a tradeshow.  The booth says “EXPERIENCE THE NETWORK OF THE FUTURE NOW.’, on the left side and ‘Juniper Networks on the right side.   There are two tv screen and people sitting and standing at the booth.

At Mobile World Congress 2023, Juniper Networks’ CTO Raj Yavatkar shares why openness of 5G networks is important for service providers & the value that we are bringing to providers with our ORAN solutions. 

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You’ll learn

  • The value Juniper brings to telco customers

  • Juniper is bringing together third-party application developers

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Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Raj Yavatkar Headshot
Raj Yavatkar
SVP, CTO, Juniper Networks


0:00 Raj it is great to be here at Mobile

0:02 World Congress Barcelona 2023 excitement

0:05 in the air I know so tell us a little

0:08 bit about open run I mean I know we've

0:10 got a lot going on with juniper so maybe

0:12 tell us a little bit about the value

0:14 that we're bringing to customers with

0:16 our open round Solutions so the open run

0:18 is very important to our customers I

0:20 tell because they want to really

0:22 disaggregate the

0:24 traditional architecture so they don't

0:25 have to depend on couple of vendors yes

0:28 and for the first time in Juniper's

0:30 history we are participating in that

0:31 destruction by bringing forward products

0:34 that allow us to deliver what I call

0:37 operating system for the ram the control

0:39 Point as well as bring together third

0:41 party application developers so we can

0:43 start delivering new services

0:45 it's very exciting and I know you know

0:47 we've had a couple of announcements as

0:49 well leading into Mobile World Congress

0:51 maybe if you give us a couple of

0:52 highlights yeah so for example Vodafone

0:54 did a commercial field trial with the

0:56 real subscribers and real traffic uh

0:59 involving multiple sectors multiple cell

1:01 sites to try out the oran architecture

1:03 because one of the concerns is can we

1:06 match the kpis exposed by the

1:09 traditional architecture they're very

1:10 happy in the public announcement they

1:12 said we met or exceeded the kpr so that

1:16 shows the architecture is real and we

1:18 can go forward that's fantastic great uh

1:21 proof point and everything thank you Raj

1:23 and listen I know you're really busy so

1:25 thank you thank you

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