Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks’ Partnership with NEC to Drive 5G Open Networks

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Still image of Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks, on the left.  She is also holding a microphone and looking at Hideyuki Ogata, General Manager, Service Provider Solutions Department, NEC on the right.  He is also holding a microphone.  Behind them it is white wall with the word “NEC” in purple.

NEC’s Hideyuki Ogata discusses the deployment of Juniper Networks’ Cloud Metro infrastructure & NEC’s xHaul transformation services, to provide service to Tele Columbus, helping them gain flexibility, increased agility & improved ROI.

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You’ll learn

  • About Juniper’s partnership with NEC

  • About xHaul transformation services

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Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Hideyuki Ogata Headshot
Hideyuki Ogata
General Manager, Service Provider Solutions Department, NEC


0:00 oh God a son it's great to see you again

0:03 yeah I'm here at Mobile World Congress

0:06 Barcelona 2023. so I know it's been a

0:10 great start to the year for NEC maybe if

0:13 you can share a couple of highlights

0:14 sure sure I saw a lot of achievement

0:17 between two companies yes yeah the one

0:19 of the biggest achievement is our

0:21 success cases with our tele Columbus one

0:24 of the important to customer in Europe

0:25 yes so you could bring your product and

0:28 we could bring our services and we

0:31 created our solutions to this customer

0:34 to support their Network transformation

0:36 I also want to let you know obviously

0:39 last month Juniper held its um partner

0:42 Summit in Madrid yep and I wanted to

0:45 congratulate you on winning the alliance

0:47 partner of the Year award for 2022 I

0:50 think that's the fourth year in a row

0:51 yes yes you're right and thank you very

0:53 much and I consider that was realized by

0:56 Juniper members collaboration with NEC

0:58 so thank you very much very welcome and

1:01 then um you know I know we just recently

1:03 also or you recently announced the

1:05 value-added X Hall solution Suite I'd

1:09 love to hear a little bit more about it

1:10 okay so that's our enhancement of our

1:12 Excel transformation services that

1:15 includes end-to-end Holistic Solutions

1:18 including IP Optical networking and data

1:21 center networking and the security

1:23 functions with our automation

1:25 capabilities

1:26 so yeah we created this solution Suite

1:29 with our ecosystem partners and the

1:31 Juniper is one of the most important

1:33 Partners so we created together thank

1:36 you thank you and again I think it just

1:38 shows how important our partnership is

1:40 in helping us helping our customers

1:42 transform the network so listen have a

1:45 great event for the rest of the week

1:47 yeah you do thank you very much

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