NEC and Juniper drive 5G open networks

NEC and Juniper Networks partner to bring sustainable business growth to service provider’s E2E network

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Unlock your network for the 5G era with NEC and Juniper

Digital transformation is a top priority for service providers, enterprises, and governments. 5G infrastructure is crucial for connecting physical and virtual worlds globally, including people, businesses, and objects. Juniper is a key partner of NEC Open Networks, which aims to offer end-to-end (E2E) 5G solutions, breaking vendor lock-in and enabling migration to modern, open, and flexible networks. NEC, a proven global system integrator, and Juniper bring extensive networking experience, empowering service providers to introduce innovative fixed and mobile services and seize new business opportunities with sustainable growth.

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NEC Open Networks

As operators eye their medium-to-long-term network plans for broadband, 5G, and beyond, it is becoming increasingly clear that open networks—including Open RAN—will be the way forward. The journey to a successful open network strategy will require significant planning in all phases, including network migration, deployment, and ongoing operations. The end result will be well worth the effort. To enable this dramatic advancement, NEC has developed NEC Open Networks, a comprehensive product and services suite that delivers on the real promise and benefits of 5G through a truly open approach throughout the entire network ecosystem, including RAN, xHaul Transport, core, OSS/BSS, and system integration. 

As a proven prime integrator of complex, multi-vendor, end-to-end open networks in the 5G era, NEC’s success is built on a philosophy of collaboration and partnership. Powered by NEC’s system integration service with rich expertise from Juniper solutions, NEC and Juniper innovate E2E open networks to drive NEC Open Networks for better user experience.   

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Sustainable Cloud Metro by NEC xHaul Transformation Service

As part of NEC Value Added xHaul Transport Network, NEC provides end-to-end IP transport with Juniper’s access, metro, edge, and core IP networking solutions, delivering scalable and secure networks.

To supply the architecture to deliver exceptional user experiences in a metro network, NEC offers xHaul Transformation Service for Juniper’s Cloud Metro solution, which is uniquely AI-enabled, cloud-delivered, and integrated with zero trust security and active assurance, reducing the TCO of metro networks by more than half.

NEC multi-vendor data center networks with Juniper cloud-ready data center solutions

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NEC multi-vendor Data Center Networks with Juniper Cloud-ready Data Center Solutions

Juniper’s cloud-ready data center solutions provide advanced networking capabilities designed to support the demands of modern cloud environments. These solutions are specifically engineered to optimize performance, scalability, and agility within data centers. Juniper's cloud-ready data center solutions incorporate technologies such as the data center fabric, network automation with Apstra®, and software-defined networking with Contrail® to enable efficient management and provisioning of resources.

As part of NEC Value Added xHaul Network Solution in NEC Open Networks, with the networking expertise of Juniper and NEC, organizations can build robust and flexible data center architectures that meet the requirements of cloud-based applications and services.

Why NEC and Juniper?

Biography of our relationship with NEC



NEC and Juniper have been innovating worldwide networks as partners since 2007 with unparalleled expertise leading service providers in their network transformation journeys.



NEC was named Junipers Global Alliance Partner of the Year for 2022, for the 4th consecutive year, truly trustful alliance.



Collective global footprint of hundreds of service providers in over 65 countries.

  • Robust NEC Professional Services organization, including hundreds of NEC engineers certified on Juniper’s solutions
  • Juniper solutions validated in NEC’s global Centers of Excellence from R&D phases

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