NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform

Reap the rewards of an end-to-end, full-stack cloud platform for 5G

NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform is the realization of an end-to-end full-stack cloud, where intelligent connectivity of 5G networks enables businesses to achieve improved performance, greater security, and better reliability of services. Juniper Networks provides transport, security, edge computing and orchestration into this ecosystem.

This platform helps service providers worldwide to transform their legacy fixed and wireless networks and services into a 5G-ready vertical cloud platform. It can help you seize new business opportunities through innovative 5G services and capabilities.

  • Single platform for various 5G vertical business solutions spanning all stacks.
  • Open, best-of-breed platform that uses cutting-edge 5G technologies.
  • O-RAN-compliant Open vRAN helps service providers accommodate a wide range of diverse traffic requirements, enabling new revenue creation through easy and flexible 5G services provisioning.
  • Automated and fully orchestrated platform that easily supports a variety of 5G vertical services.
  • NEC’s extensive experience can assist service providers with a smooth transition to a 5G business platform.
  • Enables a wide range of 5G digital service monetization opportunities.

Interview with Juniper, NEC’s contribution in 5G era

Juniper Solution Components


cell phone tower

Telco and Edge Cloud

Juniper’s telco and edge cloud is built on an open, agile architecture that enables service providers to be more responsive to their customers and to rapidly changing business needs. It helps service providers deliver an enhanced customer experience, with cloud solutions that make telco and edge cloud easy to design, deploy, and operate. A universal cloud framework enables economies of scale and operation across service provider data centers, regional clouds, edge clouds, and on-premises clouds.

Customer Premises

With a modern microservices cloud architecture, Mist delivers unparalleled scale and agility, plus an inline AI engine for unprecedented insight and automation. Juniper’s SD-WAN solutions bring simplicity, security, and scale to your AI-driven enterprise with a variety of unique features.

End-to-End IP Networking

Juniper’s access, metro, edge, and core IP networking solutions, consisting of the ACX Series, MX Series, and PTX Series, deliver a comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of routers for service provider and enterprise networks.

Data Center

QFX Series Switches secure and automate your data center networks. They build a strong underlay foundation for flexible and high-performance fabrics that improve network reliability and agility, helping to simplify your path to multicloud.