Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Cloud Metro & How to Use it to Drive Sustainable Business Growth

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Still image of Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks, on the left.  She is also holding a microphone and looking at Brendan Gibbs, SVP, Product Management, Juniper Networks on the right.  He is also holding a microphone.  They are both standing in front of a booth at a tradeshow.  The booth says “EXPERIENCE THE NETWORK OF THE FUTURE NOW.’, on the left side and ‘Juniper Networks on the right side.   There are two tv screen and people sitting and standing at the booth.

Juniper Networks’ Brendan Gibbs, SVP of Automated WAN Solutions, shares how Juniper Cloud Metro can help service providers reduce latency, increase service uptime & deliver better service experiences to end-users. 

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You’ll learn

  • About Juniper’s cloud metro solution 

  • How cloud metro drives sustainable business growth

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Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Brendan Gibbs
SVP, Product Management, Juniper Networks


0:00 hi Brendan Sally how you doing I'm good

0:03 how about you very good this is exciting

0:05 Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023

0:07 it's great to be back I know I haven't

0:09 been here in years it's an amazing show

0:10 I just heard 90 000 attendees this is

0:12 almost the peak that's unbelievable

0:14 unbelievable so listen we had an

0:16 exciting year last year particularly

0:18 around our Cloud Metro launch maybe

0:20 let's start tell us a little bit about

0:22 what value Cloud Metro brings as a new

0:25 category to the industry to our

0:26 customers you know when we introduce

0:28 Cloud Metro we really tried to make it

0:30 distinct from the old retro Metro that

0:32 our competitors offer and what really

0:34 the cloud Metro enables is a springboard

0:36 for Service delivery for service

0:37 providers bringing Services closer to

0:40 the end user to reduce latency to

0:43 increase service velocity and some of

0:45 the key principles of being Cloud

0:46 delivered automated and service Rich are

0:50 really some of the key tenets yeah now

0:52 that makes a lot of sense and I know

0:54 sustainability I mean that's a theme

0:56 everywhere right so and I know that's a

0:58 key theme throughout the cloud Metro Pro

1:01 um tell us a little bit about that what

1:02 that means especially again to our

1:04 customers well our customers themselves

1:05 are caring a lot about sustainability

1:07 not only do we have a commitment to the

1:09 climate and improving things for our

1:11 world but also it's a dollars and cents

1:13 kind of thing so we've really made

1:14 sustainability a key tenet of our

1:16 overall Cloud Metro strategy where we

1:18 have very low power consumption where we

1:20 offer compelling TCO economics for our

1:23 customers and having sustainable

1:25 operations as a company sustainable

1:27 Booth here at mwc and sustainable

1:30 products is part of the core DNA for

1:32 Juniper so Brendan obviously Cloud Metro

1:34 is an exciting

1:36 for us this

1:39 part value does that bring to our

1:41 customers I think cloud Metro brings a

1:43 ton of value for service providers

1:44 number one that I would say is it's a

1:46 springboard for Service delivery close

1:48 to the end users it gives a facility for

1:51 service writers to reduce latency

1:53 increase service uptime and really have

1:56 an automated Cloud delivered approach to

1:59 Service delivery to make service writers

2:01 even more relevant to their end users

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