Ronald van Loon, Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World

Future-Proof Your Network: Advancements in Open RAN and AI

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Ronald van Loon
Still image shows a background of a washed out white and grey image of a satellite dish.  The image had a ribbon of green going through it on the right half of the screen.  The green has a picture of Ronald van Loon, Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World inside of it.  On top of the image of the satellite dish are the words ‘Future-Proof Your Network’ in a green rectangle with white copy. Underneath in black copy are the words ‘Advancements in Open RAN and AI

Ronald van Loon, Top Global AI and IoT Influencer, Juniper Networks Partner and CEO at Intelligent World talks about future proofing your network and the advancements in open RAN and AI.

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You’ll learn

  • The advancements in Open RAN

  • The role AI plays in Open RAN

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Ronald van Loon
Ronald van Loon
Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World


0:00 cellular networks of the future they are

0:02 driven by clouds and by intelligent

0:04 automation hi I'm Ronald van noon and

0:06 I'm a Juniper Networks partner and I'm

0:08 here to discuss the advancements in open

0:10 radio Access Network all around

0:12 technology from the Mobile World

0:14 Congress event and that's used in

0:17 combination with AI to create more

0:19 intelligent and more efficient Networks

0:22 now run run optimization can help

0:25 operators to reduce Network costs it can

0:28 also help you to improve the user

0:30 experiences by optimizing network

0:32 capacity or improving the coverage or

0:35 solve network issues and reducing the

0:37 interference

0:38 now overall technology oral technology

0:41 also includes the open interfaces and

0:43 the apis which enables The Operators to

0:46 integrate new technologies and new

0:48 Services much more efficiently and

0:50 Juniper Networks is a member of this

0:53 overrunner lives a global Industry Group

0:56 that is driving the development of

0:59 o-round technology to develop and to

1:01 promote the open and the interoperatable

1:04 realm Solutions based on overall

1:06 technology

1:08 now during our discussions at mwc three

1:11 questions basically popped up first

1:14 question is what principles should

1:16 networks of the future be Builder now

1:19 csp's Communication service providers

1:21 they they're releasing five GE services

1:24 and they did releasing this next

1:26 Generation Network capabilities

1:28 and run intelligence and network

1:30 automation they are helping the csps to

1:33 monetize and to optimize the investments

1:35 in their next Generation Networks

1:40 and run technology is playing a pivotal

1:43 role in connecting more devices to the

1:46 cellular networks like being used to

1:48 enable Edge Computing capabilities for

1:50 example but also bringing Computing

1:53 resources closer to where the data is

1:56 generated at the edge

1:58 and around technology is being adapted

2:00 to support the the specific type of

2:04 requirements of iot devices and is

2:07 enabling the connection of this large

2:09 number of low powered devices to the

2:12 network

2:13 but also if you look to run technology

2:16 it allows for Network identification and

2:20 which enables The Operators to support

2:21 much more devices in the densely

2:23 populated type of areas and improving

2:26 the coverage and improving the capacity

2:29 the second question that was raised is

2:33 basically

2:34 to describe how unified round management

2:36 platform uses intelligent automation to

2:39 enable the csps to deliver the Next

2:42 Generation type of network

2:44 and also to have the CSP deliver

2:47 much better type of experiences to

2:49 mobile users

2:51 now overall technology enables Advanced

2:54 intelligent use cases by providing a

2:57 more open

2:58 modeler and a more interoperatable

3:01 Network architecture that allows for

3:03 much greater flexibility or scalability

3:06 but also better and faster innovation

3:10 and this enables the multivendor

3:13 interoperatability the networks slicing

3:16 and the AI driven Network optimization

3:18 for example

3:20 now the third question that popped up is

3:22 how are real-time Data Insights enabling

3:25 new use cases like for example energy

3:28 saving or you can think about

3:29 automatically managing and optimizing

3:31 the user experience

3:33 now the future of intelligent networks

3:36 and R1 this has the potential to create

3:38 more agile but also efficient and

3:41 Innovative type networks that can adapt

3:43 to the changing user demands and also to

3:46 the business requirements I want to

3:49 thank Juniper Networks for sharing the

3:51 insights at mwc if you want to know more

3:54 click on the link in the post to learn

3:57 more about oron with unicorn networks

3:59 I'm Ronald falun and this is the

4:01 thousand words

4:05 [Music]

4:17 foreign

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