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Juniper demos AI Driven Enterprise solutions for Managed Services at MWC23

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Still image shows a photo of Jai Thattil, Director of Strategic Marketing, and Justin Melloni, Product Marketing Manager Staff, AI-Driven Enterprise, of Juniper Networks on the left side with the Juniper Networks logo underneath and a photo of Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst of ZK Research on the right.  In the upper right corner there isa symbol with the word ‘SHORTS’ under it.

In this video, Juniper’s Jai Thattil and Justin Melloni provide a demo of the company’s AI-Driven Enterprise ++ for Managed Services Solution.  The demo shows how the solution can help managed service providers differentiate themselves, simplify operations, and create higher margin, value added services across a full stack of wired, wireless, SD-WAN, security, and indoor location solutions.

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Zeus Kerravala Headshot
Zeus Kerravala
Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Guest speakers

Jai Thattil Headshot
Jai Thattil
Director of Strategic Marketing, Juniper Networks
Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:07 all right so I'm inside the Juniper

0:10 booth now and I'm with uh Jay the deal

0:12 uh you can you just quick and dirty

0:14 yourself yeah I'm Jay tatil I'm leading

0:17 the Strategic marketing for Juniper

0:18 Networks

0:20 and uh we're gonna take a look at four

0:21 different demos the first one is the SP

0:24 managed services so tell us what we're

0:25 going to look at here yeah so you heard

0:27 from Rami like how we are focusing on

0:29 the experience that's networking we are

0:32 extending that to Showcase like you know

0:34 what are we bringing for the future as

0:36 well as now so the customers demands in

0:38 the future are also already met by now

0:40 so here we are showing like what we are

0:42 doing with our managed Services the full

0:44 Aid portfolio how we are bringing that

0:46 to the service providers and how they

0:48 can use that for the Enterprise

0:49 customers

0:51 and Justin will cover the demo and

0:55 explain like what we are doing with this

0:57 all right Justin so let's step up and

0:58 take a look here hi there my name is

1:00 Justin Maloney I'm a product marketing

1:02 manager for the AI driven Enterprises of

1:04 Juniper Networks and what I want to show

1:06 you today is how our AI driven

1:09 Enterprises solution can help the

1:10 managed service provider as they need to

1:12 deploy different sites and this is an

1:14 excellent way for them I know every

1:16 service line is looking for more higher

1:19 margin business and this to me seems

1:21 like an excellent way to get there yes

1:23 very much so and it also makes the whole

1:25 process much simpler and I think that's

1:26 the key part right because by

1:28 simplifying it we can reduce their time

1:30 needed to troubleshoot to set up and get

1:33 them to revenue much quicker so in this

1:36 demo we do show off that the different

1:39 challenges service providers face right

1:41 so there's a lot of competition out

1:43 there there's a lot of service providers

1:44 out there more and more every day

1:46 exactly and we need to differentiate as

1:49 we mentioned we need them to get to

1:50 revenue faster we also so are faced with

1:54 more complicated networks and the staff

1:58 that they have to hire is there's a

1:59 resource Gap because there's a lot of

2:01 skills you need to know used to be you

2:03 could just run networks no bgp you know

2:05 that kind of stuff but now you need to

2:06 know bgp Cloud Linux

2:10 software-defined networking devops all

2:12 that kind of stuff so security is

2:14 security very much security so

2:16 simplification is very much the key and

2:19 so in this demo we show the benefits of

2:22 Juniper's AI driven Enterprise which is

2:24 more cloud-based so you have one

2:26 interface that you log into and manage

2:28 your whole network through AI driven

2:30 using the AI to help show you where the

2:33 problems are to resolve them quicker and

2:36 we give you your full Network so you get

2:37 your access points your switches your

2:39 routers and your security all in one

2:41 place

2:42 now so we follow two things we follow a

2:45 service provider called we connect as

2:47 they're setting up a uh

2:49 a clothing store called suda sudab wants

2:53 to create a pop-up location outside

2:55 Mobile World Congress and they need to

2:57 do it quick because there's not enough

2:59 stuff outside no there's nothing and

3:02 they were totally have to wear suits

3:03 right so we come to that site to do it

3:05 now obviously they want to do it quickly

3:08 they want to make sure that it's up

3:10 because it's only a couple of days so if

3:12 there's an outage or anything they could

3:14 lose their business yeah and like you

3:16 said there's a lot of other competitors

3:17 out there so they need to make sure that

3:19 they differentiate from anyone else and

3:22 so we connect chose Juniper's product to

3:26 do that through the demos we show how we

3:29 simplify day zero day one so that's

3:31 planning your network and then deploying

3:32 your network day two which is once the

3:35 Network's up making sure if there's

3:36 anything to troubleshoot and then day

3:38 two plus what other values can we add in

3:41 this case we look at indoor location

3:43 services and I think that's really been

3:45 unique to you because I think there's

3:46 been a lot of focus historically on Day

3:48 Zero you know helping networks get set

3:51 up but nobody can really help on the

3:52 operational side right exactly which is

3:54 I think why the you look at the

3:56 operational costs and the telcos have

3:58 running networks it's you know five

4:00 dollars I've seen for every uh for every

4:02 dollar they spend on equipment to

4:04 spending 5

4:06 and you're very correct about that but

4:09 even from the day Zero we make the

4:11 deployment so so easy we make it take

4:13 from several hours to a full day to just

4:16 one hour to set up your home network and

4:19 how we do that is through

4:22 templates so again you have the one

4:25 platform that you log into that gives

4:27 you your access points your switches and

4:29 your routers you can use variables to

4:31 make the templates easier and then when

4:34 you get in here you just say with this

4:36 new location I want it to look like all

4:37 my other pop-ups go assign it to the

4:40 pop-up and done

4:42 easy configuration of your policies so

4:45 who has access to what including

4:48 security in there so in this example

4:50 here I can show my guest network is

4:52 allowed to access the internet but it's

4:54 going to go through my IDP features and

4:56 these IDP features are on box on the

4:58 site we can also send that traffic up to

5:02 our Juniper secure Edge to if you need

5:04 to deploy a full sassy solution and once

5:07 we get it up to the secure Edge we can

5:09 configure all of our policies through

5:10 our security director cloud and then

5:13 lastly when it comes to the actual

5:14 deployment of the devices

5:16 we just use Simple QR codes no through

5:19 the QR codes and an app you scan it and

5:22 assign it to the site and it just hooks

5:24 up to the Internet connects this is

5:25 where the cloud base comes in connects

5:27 to that cloud and it's good and we have

5:29 this on our switches our routers and our

5:31 access points and then you can also if

5:33 you don't want to use an appliance you

5:35 can also put the software onto a white

5:38 box Hardware that's a whole lot simpler

5:40 than the old CLI model where were you

5:42 guys when I was an engineer exactly and

5:44 that's our whole goal is we're trying to

5:45 get out of the CLI we don't want you to

5:47 have to jump in there at all

5:49 that's how we can deploy easily and then

5:51 we got some nice Graphics to show a

5:53 little system come up and everything

5:56 but then as you brought up the day two

5:59 stuff so everyday operations we want to

6:02 be able to proactively see if there's a

6:04 problem and resolve that issue and then

6:06 also if we get a ticket make it easier

6:08 to figure out what that wait I thought

6:10 the model was wait for the customer to

6:12 call and it'll always be one day behind

6:14 yeah exactly exactly you can do that too

6:17 but

6:19 um this this is this view here is

6:22 particularly important for the service

6:24 providers this is our MSP dashboard

6:26 where they break down the wireless the

6:29 wired and the Wham side for the customer

6:31 we show all our service level

6:33 experiences so that you can easily see

6:36 in this particular case my switch at

6:38 this site called live demo has a problem

6:40 with connections successful connections

6:43 are low or is the problem the

6:45 application that the user is trying to

6:47 access and they can jump down click on

6:50 the button and it jumps down them to an

6:52 area where they can further troubleshoot

6:54 why are we having connection problems so

6:57 does Jay they have a problem but where

6:59 that problem animated exactly and that's

7:01 actually the harder part to figure out

7:03 because even look here right we click on

7:05 that the problem is an authorization

7:07 problem and we click affected items and

7:09 these are the users and the access

7:11 points that are being affected

7:13 right so that helps us get to there

7:15 proactively now in our story we find out

7:18 that an AR mirror that suit up has is

7:21 not working right

7:23 and so we find that through what we just

7:26 saw there in the metrics we can see that

7:28 there's a bad connection so we go to our

7:30 portal and we say troubleshoot mirror

7:33 right and this is where the Marvis this

7:36 is where the AI comes in is our Marvis

7:37 virtual Network assistant and those

7:39 aren't keywords right that's actually a

7:40 natural language process natural

7:42 language exactly just troubleshoot you

7:44 know we like to do sometimes

7:46 um the network sucks yeah and it'll go

7:49 in there and Marvis will say these are

7:51 the reasons your network sucks or these

7:52 are these they're not your network no no

7:54 yeah no there's never a problem yeah um

7:57 but the other thing that Marva shows us

7:59 here is from the client to the cloud

8:01 where is the issue because that's a lot

8:03 of the troubleshooting I find out that

8:05 there's a problem is it the application

8:08 that I'm using is it just a user that's

8:10 affected the access points the switches

8:12 or the routers and what I like about

8:14 this is historically we've managed these

8:16 things in silos right but I was at

8:19 applications don't care that your Wan

8:21 team is different than your Wi-Fi team

8:23 exactly right so now you're looking at

8:25 things it is one big Network right which

8:29 is really how you understand experiences

8:30 exactly you see the whole network and

8:33 you don't have to because traditionally

8:36 and how you probably used to do it was

8:37 all right let's see is it the user how

8:40 many users are affected is it the access

8:43 point are all the users at that one

8:44 access point affected is it the switch

8:46 are all my access points are switched in

8:48 fact it isn't the whole site or is it

8:49 the application and you have to cross

8:51 everything off until you say okay maybe

8:53 it's the application with this we will

8:55 tell you it's the application it's the

8:57 user it's the switch it's the router got

8:59 it

9:00 um

9:01 so then you know you can click on and

9:04 see further information but we also have

9:06 with our AI a way to tell you

9:09 proactively where we think the issues

9:11 are this is called our Marvis actions

9:13 page breaks down the same thing when

9:15 edges will be your your your router your

9:18 switches your access points your users

9:19 and things that you can do to resolve

9:22 them so we in this case in case we have

9:23 an access point with a coverage hole it

9:25 says there's a coverage hole please

9:27 reposition or add more access points and

9:30 then we can take a look at this little

9:31 location map that shows us as we zoom

9:35 out

9:36 it's that access point up at the top

9:38 that has the problem the red one oh we

9:41 can easily go and throw in more

9:44 um so in this story that's what we use

9:46 to resolve we tell the story hey we know

9:48 your mirror's got a problem and you can

9:50 move an access point or get more

9:52 coverage to that particular location and

9:54 resolve it

9:55 the last thing we show after that after

9:58 we get the mirror up and running

10:00 is

10:02 how can we help we connect and suit up

10:05 at additional Revenue to their business

10:08 and in this case we're using the indoor

10:10 location services with indoor location

10:12 services they walk when a customer walks

10:16 into a site they might have a QR code

10:18 like this that just says log on to our

10:20 Wi-Fi then we set up little areas within

10:23 the store that say when a user gets to

10:26 that that site send them a little

10:29 um yeah something that just says hey

10:31 come on in suits are on sale today for

10:34 you or anything kind of like that and so

10:37 that's what we do in this case is we say

10:38 when users get to this uh area back here

10:41 we're going to send them a message to

10:43 buy one get one free

10:45 and we can just determine the area of

10:48 that so that as these users come on

10:50 board the Wi-Fi router says the access

10:52 point says yep you've got

10:55 um as you'll see a pop-up here design

10:57 and the template

10:59 one new message right and so something

11:02 like Mobile World Congress have somebody

11:03 walking it's timely it's personalized

11:05 yeah exactly and so so those are some of

11:10 the cool things that we can do with the

11:12 AI driven Enterprise as you can see for

11:15 the service provider gives them benefit

11:16 by simplifying the deployment so faster

11:19 time to revenue using the automatic

11:22 insights to be able to troubleshoot it

11:24 not a couple days in the future but

11:26 either day Zero or as soon as you get

11:28 the

11:29 um question about it and add additional

11:31 Revenue through additional Services

11:33 added on and then for the Enterprise

11:35 they're going to be happy because their

11:37 Network's going to be running their

11:39 users are going to have a great

11:40 experience and we have easy onboarding

11:42 seamless onboarding to their secure

11:44 Cloud whether they want the functions at

11:47 the branch or up in the cloud

11:49 all right Justin well thanks for that

11:51 thank you I'm going to go or the next

11:53 station but after that I'm going to go

11:54 buy a suit outside I think awesome yeah

11:57 all right thank you thanks I appreciate

11:59 it thanks yeah

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