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Interview with Juniper Networks' CEO Rami Rahim at MWC23

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Still image shows a photo of Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks on the left side with the Juniper Networks logo underneath and a photo of Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst of ZK Research on the right.  In the upper right corner there isa symbol with the word ‘SHORTS’ under it.

Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at ZK Research interviews Juniper Networks’ CEO, Rami Rahim. They talk about the current state of the company, what’s driving the strong growth and what has Rahim excited now. 

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  • The current state of Juniper Networks

  • What is Rami excited about next

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Zeus Kerravala
Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Guest speakers

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Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks


0:05 all right well I'm inside the Juniper

0:07 stand now uh with Rami Rahim CEO of

0:10 Juniper Networks uh Rami we're here at

0:12 Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona

0:15 it's good to see a lot of the excitement

0:16 back at this event uh before we talk

0:18 about the event though uh you know I

0:21 noticed you guys had a record 2022 you

0:23 got off to a fast start in 2023 what do

0:26 you attribute the the success to in the

0:28 business well first you're absolutely

0:30 right in that 2022 was a record year for

0:33 us 12 year-of-year growth and I think I

0:37 attribute that to having a clear and you

0:40 know a great vision for the future of

0:42 networking around experience first

0:44 networking which practically means Cloud

0:47 delivered AI powered networks this is

0:50 resonating with our customers I believe

0:52 we're executing well and it's driving

0:54 some significant differentiation in the

0:56 market yeah it's been interesting for me

0:58 to watch you know Juniper's

1:00 transformation as well because if you

1:02 think about it the cloud has transformed

1:04 almost every area of I.T which is not

1:08 the network right right we're a little

1:09 slow to get there but I know you guys

1:11 have taken a real leadership position

1:13 there so congratulations on that thank

1:15 you now as I mentioned we are here at

1:16 Mobile World Congress uh what are you

1:18 looking for at this event what do you

1:19 what are you hoping to learn here well

1:20 I'll give you a couple of examples first

1:22 the Metro you know we've taken a look at

1:25 a 20 year old Market segment and

1:27 reimagined it and we've taken a page out

1:30 of the success that we've seen in our AI

1:32 driven Enterprise business which is

1:35 growing incredibly fast taking share at

1:38 a very rapid pace and we're applying the

1:40 Simplicity the AI driven operations to

1:44 this Metro that we honestly view has

1:47 been retro Metro for far too long yeah

1:49 there's very little innovation in that

1:50 space absolutely the time is right now

1:52 for some significant innovation in the

1:54 Metro and our customer response has been

1:57 phenomenal thus far I think another area

2:00 would be in the ran space you know we

2:03 have nothing to lose in Iran we are

2:05 playing a completely disruptive game

2:07 with a software driven and an open

2:10 architecture for a new way of delivering

2:13 value to our customers so our Rick

2:16 technology and our Smo technology we've

2:19 been at it now for a couple of years and

2:20 we've seen some incredible response

2:22 we've forged great Partnerships with the

2:24 likes of Rakuten Symphony and IBM we now

2:27 have a battle hardened solution with the

2:30 real deployment that's happened at

2:31 Vodafone I honestly am getting more and

2:34 more optimistic about the oran space

2:36 with Technologies such as that we're

2:38 putting into the market yeah and what I

2:40 like

2:40 what you're doing in the Rand space is

2:43 that's an area that I think people have

2:45 been saying it's a commodity for a long

2:47 time and but it's always been my thesis

2:49 that if you can drive enough Innovation

2:50 into an area there really is no such

2:52 thing as a commodity if you look at even

2:55 servers and PCs there's certain vendors

2:57 that get disproportionate amounts

2:58 because they have some Innovation so I

3:00 think you're almost proof of that here

3:01 yes yes I can't agree more with you yeah

3:03 now you know this is a big service Rider

3:05 show uh and that you know you've got a

3:08 pretty interesting boot set up here so

3:10 you're doing a lot of really Innovative

3:11 and disruptive things to help the

3:13 service writers transform can you go

3:14 over what some of those things are well

3:16 another area I'd give you an example of

3:18 is revenue our our service provider

3:21 customers are looking for new ways to

3:23 drive new differentiated revenue streams

3:26 for their businesses and that's totally

3:28 understandable one of the little higher

3:30 margins with more with more margin and

3:32 by leveraging Cloud technology and

3:34 artificial intelligence so this is where

3:36 we have taken our very successful AI

3:39 driven Enterprise solution all all the

3:41 way from client to cloud with wireless

3:43 wired and Wan transformation with a

3:46 security embedded and essentially

3:48 working closely with our service

3:50 supplier customers to provide

3:52 differentiated managed Services

3:54 solutions to the Enterprise Market we

3:58 have seen really great success with the

4:01 first few service water partners that we

4:03 have onboarded with this new solution

4:05 and I think honestly the sky is the

4:07 limit and maybe there's one last area

4:10 that I think is worthwhile mentioning

4:12 which is just sustainability

4:13 sustainability is truly top of mind for

4:17 practically all of our customers around

4:18 the globe especially here in Europe with

4:21 Energy prices the way that they are and

4:23 this is another area where I think there

4:25 is a need for Innovation so we have

4:27 always focused very heavily on driving

4:31 silicon Innovation to reduce power

4:33 consumption but there's also other areas

4:36 when software architecture to use our

4:38 equipment more energy efficiently and

4:41 even just the shelf life of our products

4:43 in the Retro metro metro now moving to a

4:46 new mode of Metro we've focused on

4:48 ensuring that the products that we're

4:49 offering have a much longer Chef life

4:52 which of course it makes sustainability

4:55 even better yeah so I want to go through

4:57 all your booth demos and get a look

4:58 firsthand look at this stuff is there

5:00 anything else you want to add I will

5:02 just say this you know as good as the

5:05 virtual connections that we enable with

5:08 our technology each and every day

5:09 sometimes nothing beats in-person face

5:13 time and that's why these events are so

5:15 good I'm loving it here having some

5:18 great conversations with our partners

5:20 our customers and Prospects making new

5:22 connections along the way so Mobile

5:24 World Congress 2023 here we go yeah well

5:26 Juniper has always been a very

5:28 Innovative company and uh and glad to

5:30 see you're continuing on the path and

5:31 I'm excited to go see what you have in

5:33 store for us wonderful thank you thanks

5:35 Robert

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