AI-Driven Enterprise in Action — MSP Dashboard Demo

A screenshot of a Juniper MSP Dashboard. Text at the bottom says, “AI-Driven Enterprise | MSP Dashboard.”

Mist MSP dashboard: See how to set up and configure new customers with ease.

Service providers, watch this demo to see how to use the Juniper Mist MSP Dashboard, which simplifies the lifecycle management and operations of unified client-to-cloud portfolios spanning wireless and wired LAN and software defined WAN at scale.

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You’ll learn

  • How to manage your customer estate from the multitenant Mist MSP Dashboard

  • The steps for onboarding new customers with correct attributes and configurations

  • How to use Marvis actions for AI-driven insights with proactive issue detection and resolution

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:08 Managing a full stack network for MSP has never been easier.

0:13 Presenting the enhanced Mist MSP dashboard, which simplifies the lifecycle management

0:18 and operations of unified client to cloud portfolio spanning wireless LAN, wired LAN

0:24 and software defined Wan SD Wan at scale.

0:27 Let's look at some of the key features.

0:30 The dashboard offers multiple organizations views.

0:32 And fast access to all the MSP managed customer networks.

0:36 There is a Consolidated view of inventory and subscriptions

0:40 at the Global MSP and the individual organization level.

0:44 The dashboard also shows real time deployment status, as in how many devices are actively

0:49 deployed and in use versus how many merely claimed to the org.

0:54 New customers can be onboarded on a fly with the help of predefined templates to onboard

0:59 them just click on create org, choose a predefined template.

1:03 Here we have a new customer, school of rock, and we are selecting a predefined school template.

1:11 And voila, a new customer org got created with all the attributes and configurations

1:15 necessary for school.

1:18 As a next step, let's add some subscriptions to the newly created org.

1:23 Click on transfer subscriptions and choose the source org to move the subscriptions from

1:28 and choose destination org as school of rock.

1:32 Here we have a granular view of all the subscriptions present in the source org and the available

1:37 quantity Information to transfer.

1:40 Let's transfer some wireless licenses.

1:49 Now if we go to school of Rock Dashboard, we can see the two wireless subscriptions

1:54 successfully transferred, which are highlighted in green as a new org

1:58 School of Rock also received trial licenses for all the other services.

2:03 MSP dashboard now has the full stack SLE visibility.

2:07 The monitoring capabilities are enhanced with granular visibility into user experiences

2:13 across the wireless LAN.

2:15 Wired LAN and SD- Wan for the MSP delivering the sleigh

2:19 backed cloud centric services, this view is invaluable in monitoring and maintaining the

2:24 SLAs.

2:26 And finally, we have integrated Marvis actions into the MSP dashboard.

2:31 Marvis actions is the proactive method of using Marvis to highlight issues across a

2:36 customer organization.

2:38 These AI driven insights help with proactive issue detection and resolution ATSC.

2:46 This is the AI driven enterprise in action.

2:49 This is just a taste of how Juniper provides exceptional experiences for end users and

2:54 simplifies operations for IT administrators.

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