Understanding Service Level Experiences with Marvis

Still image shows black square representing “Marvis” on the left and Mike Marcelline, CMO Of Juniper Networks pointing to Marvis on the right.

In this video, Mike and Marvis, Juniper's Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) explain WAN Service Level Experiences. They see a couple of issues on the WAN and identify the root causes in just a few seconds.

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You’ll learn

  • The three service level experience numbers that measure and explain WAN user experiences

  • How to check the WAN link health service level experience

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals Business Leaders


0:01    Hello again, I'm Mike and this is Marvis. Last episode you showed us how easy it can  

0:07    be to operate an SD-WAN. Nice job. 

0:12    Speaking of which, 

0:13    Marvis how's the WAN currently doing? As you can see, Marvis has three service  

0:18    level experience numbers or SLEs that  measure and explain WAN user experiences. 

0:24    All WAN Edge devices are running smoothly. Marvis, what about the WAN link health SLE? 

0:30    We're only at 76%, that's OK, but  not great. Looks like we've got an  

0:35    LTE signal issue. Talk to me Marvis, who's  being impacted? How widespread is the issue? 

0:43    I see. Let's have someone  

0:45    check where we place the device. We might be able to move  

0:47    it so we can get a stronger signal. Next, let's check the application health SLE. 

0:53    Marvis, do we have any applications  with high latency? Bingo 

0:57    It's one of our internal apps. Better tell the SRE team to check in. 

1:01    I love these insights and  solutions for issues on the WAN. 

1:05    Thanks for all your help, Marvis. I always learn so much from our conversations.

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