Introducing Marvis

Still image shows black square representing “Marvis” on the left and Mike Marcelline, CMO Of Juniper Networks pointing to Marvis on the right.  Bottom left of the image reads “Marivs, Virtual Network Assistant and Mike’s Sidekick”

In this video Mike Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks, introduces Marvis, Juniper's Virtual Network Assistant (VNA). Marvis is powered by Juniper Mist AI and provides full stack visibility across the wired, wireless and the WAN and alerts IT to issues in the network.

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You’ll learn

  • Mike’s favorite thing about Marvis

  • An overview of what Marvis can do

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals Business Leaders


0:00    Hi there, I'm Mike and this is Marvis. How's my favorite virtual network assistant today? 

0:07    I'm excited to introduce you to all the  things Marvis can do for your network. 

0:11    Incredible things that have  never been possible until now. 

0:14    How? Marvis uses Juniper's industry-leading  AI to keep networks running smoothly. 

0:21    With Marvis, you can now see everything  going on with your network across the wired  

0:26    wireless and now the WAN. Marvis has your back. 

0:30    If something is wrong Marvis will let  you know and can even fix it for you. 

0:36    Want to learn more? Just ask Marvis a question. 

0:38    This all makes troubleshooting a breeze. You're sure to see a reduction of trouble tickets, 

0:46    but I want to dig into one of  my favorite things about Marvis. 

0:49    It's what Marvis is doing  without you even having to ask. 

0:54    Marvis is always on uncovering patterns and  behaviors that might need your attention. 

0:59    This morning cup of coffee view  gives you remarkable visibility  

1:03    into individual user experiences and any potential issues they may have,  

1:08    like accessing applications. Marvis isn't just a nice to have. 

1:12    Marvis is a high-achieving member of your team. 

1:15    Tune into our next video where we'll dive  into Marvis and service level experiences.

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