Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Across the Full Stack with Marvis

Still image shows black square representing “Marvis” on the left and Mike Marcelline, CMO Of Juniper Networks pointing to Marvis on the right.

In this video, Mike and Marvis, Juniper's Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) learn that the CEO had a bad experience with Microsoft Teams and Marvis identifies the root cause issue in seconds.

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You’ll learn

  • How Marvis troubleshoots

  • Using Marvis saves time and resources

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals Business Leaders


0:00    Welcome everyone, glad you could join us again.

0:02    I'm Mike and this is Marvis, Marvis, we have an issue, Our CEO was on a

0:08    video call, but it was not a good experience.

0:11    Let's troubleshoot.

0:13    It was at the office at 11:30.

0:18    Well Marvis, you're showing me the full stack.

0:22    Wireless, good.

0:23    Application, good.

0:25    There it is!

0:26    Looks like an issue with the WAN.

0:28    Show me the WAN.

0:30    Looks like we've got too much jitter.

0:33    Time to call the ISP.

0:35    Thanks Marvis, that used to take forever.

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