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Delivering full-stack managed services through a service provider.

In this demo learn how managed service providers can leverage Juniper's AI-Driven Enterprise solutions to speed service deployment, increase service availability and create secure connections to deliver exceptional user experiences for the operator and end customer. 

Here we follow WeConnect, a tier 2 service provider that uses Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise solutions to easily deploy Wi-Fi, Switching and Routing at thousands of sites for its customers, as they deploy a pop-up location for SuitUp, an urban clothing store offering a personalized shopping experience through AR and Wi-Fi.

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You’ll learn

  • How to address common service provider challenges like differentiation, generating new revenue streams, and managing trouble tickets for more customers

  • Why a cloud-based, AI-driven, full-stack solution can help you meet these challenges

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Ken Dellovo Headshot
Kenneth Dellovo
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks



0:00 [Music]

0:05 hi my name is Ken delovo I'm product

0:08 marketing manager with Juniper's AI

0:10 driven Enterprise today we're going to

0:12 take a look at how we leverage Juniper's

0:14 AI driven Enterprise to deliver managed

0:17 Services through a service provider it

0:19 includes our full stack of wired

0:21 Wireless and sd-wan as well as connected

0:24 security and indoor location let's get

0:26 started

Basic Service Provider Challenges

0:28 so we're going to solve for some basic

0:30 service provider challenges today

0:32 certainly there's a lot of competition

0:34 for connectivity Solutions so using AI

0:37 driven solutions to help you

0:39 differentiate can really make a

0:41 difference

0:42 mpls is certainly not going away but if

0:45 we can help you generate new revenue

0:47 streams with our solutions that can

0:49 certainly make a difference in the

0:50 bottom line

0:51 Cloud adoption migration certainly a Hot

0:55 Topic today changing buying behaviors

0:57 customers are Savvy they have access to

1:00 more information than ever they

1:01 understand pricing and they understand

1:03 how your solution can help their

1:06 business so understanding how you can

1:08 provide a solution that can

1:11 differentiate and provide them ultimate

1:14 and optimal user experiences as a

1:17 managed service provider trouble tickets

1:19 largely are your business and we can

1:22 help your network administrators your

1:24 network operators reduce their mean time

1:27 to response reduce the mean time to

1:29 innocence we can help your organization

1:31 take on new customers and be more

1:34 efficient in their operations and

1:37 addressing the resource Gap it's

1:38 difficult to find good people so if we

1:40 can help you simplify operations and

1:42 make your network operators more

1:44 efficient that can help the bottom line

1:46 of the business so if you take anything

Cloud Based

1:48 away from today's demo I want you to

1:50 take away these three things number

1:51 number one this solution is entirely

1:54 cloud-based we give you a single

1:56 cloud-based portal to manage all of your

1:58 wired your wireless your sd-wan your

2:01 indoors location and your Security

2:03 Solutions but architecture matters so

2:07 this is a hundred percent built on a

2:09 micro Services architecture that is very

2:11 differentiated when we built this

2:14 cloud-based solution we took a look at

2:15 what the leading Cloud providers were

2:17 doing from a cloud architecture so this

2:20 is much more agile and flexible versus a

2:24 legacy Hardware controller-based

2:27 architecture that is being moved to the

2:29 cloud this is a hundred percent born in

2:31 the cloud and when delivering updates to

2:33 the network and enhancements to the

2:35 network we're much more agile we don't

2:37 have to bring down the network to update

2:39 your Wi-Fi to update your wire to update

2:41 your sd-wan so the experience is upheld

2:44 from end to end AI driven we'll get into

2:47 this but certainly AI helps you stand

2:50 out in the market with the lead leading

2:52 provider for Wired and wireless AI

2:55 driven Solutions Gartner's rated us the

2:58 highest in execution with the furthest

3:00 in Vision but not only does it help you

3:02 differentiate this is the key that helps

3:05 you improve the experience for your end

3:07 customers and also improve the

3:09 experience for your network operators

3:11 and reducing those mean time to repair

3:13 and mean time to innocence and lastly

3:15 this is a full stack right so wired

3:17 Wireless sd-wan sassy security

3:19 architecture secure Services Edge as

3:22 well as industry-leading indoor location

3:26 so in today's example we're going to use

3:28 a tier 2 service provider who is going

3:30 to bring up a new retail location for

3:34 their end customer now we're using a

3:36 retail example because I think largely

3:38 most people understand that retail

3:40 concept but this is a solution that is

3:43 widely applicable across many many

3:46 Industries Healthcare Financial Services

3:49 Hospitality just to name a few

Solution Overview

3:53 foreign so in this example we have three

3:57 current locations that the service

3:59 provider has we want to enable two new

4:02 pop-up locations and our goal is to help

4:04 you deploy and configure these stores

4:07 and get them up within an hour the

4:09 faster we can help you get up a store or

4:11 any branch location the faster it's time

4:14 to revenue for your managed service

4:16 offering we break it down into three

4:19 stages so we have day zero day one which

4:21 is your planning your configuration and

4:23 deployment your day two which is your

4:26 troubleshooting and monitoring in your

4:28 day two plus how can we help you drive

4:31 better user engagements for your end

4:33 customers with indoor location we're

4:36 going to start with day zero day one so

4:38 we use configuration templates

Configuration Templates

4:41 why do we use configuration templates

4:43 well let me just give you a quick

4:45 example of a customer that we have in

4:47 the United States with thousands of

4:49 retail locations across all of those

4:51 retail locations they have six different

4:54 configurations and instead of having to

4:57 have an individual configuration for

4:59 each of those locations we can use these

5:01 templates over and over again to help

5:03 you scale and scale quickly and in the

5:05 managed Services deployment you may have

5:07 multiple customers with thousands of

5:10 deployments or hundreds of deployments

5:12 or just five deployments it doesn't

5:13 really matter what matters is that you

5:16 can leverage the work that you've

5:17 already done to help speed up your

5:19 deployments so when you're creating a Variables

5:22 new location in a new site you simply

5:24 create the site put in the location

5:26 coordinates and we can use value-added

5:30 items here like variables variables are

5:33 so key and again helping you scale what

5:35 do I mean by a variable for instance

5:37 same customer that uses IP addresses but

5:40 the only only difference in those IP

5:42 addresses is they use the store number

5:45 the branch number as part of that IP

5:47 address so instead of going into each

5:50 one of those stores individually and

5:53 manually and updating those IP addresses

5:55 in the LAN we can use a variable here

5:59 where we call in for branch number in

6:02 this case we're going to use one two

6:03 eight

6:05 and let me show you where we Leverage

IP Configuration

6:08 that

6:09 in our deployment right here this is

6:12 where we call in that branch number in

6:14 ipconfiguration and we can use that

6:16 throughout the configuration process

6:19 so we assign

6:21 that template for the pop-up location

6:25 that we just created

6:28 to the site

6:30 all that configuration that pre-existing

6:32 configuration that work is now applied

6:35 to this particular pop-up and it's very

6:38 intuitive from a user management process

6:41 your network operators you can see your

6:43 when configurations here on the same

6:45 page your Lan configurations your

6:48 traffic steering policies and your

6:50 application policies so a standard

6:53 location might have a segmented Network

6:57 you might have a guest Network a

6:59 corporate Network certainly have your

7:01 point of sale systems in a retail

7:03 setting some security cameras and some

7:06 voice over IP this is where you see who

7:09 has access to what and we use zero trust

7:12 networking here so your guest Network

7:15 should only have access to the internet

7:17 they should never have access to the

7:19 point of sale database your security

7:21 camera should only have access to the

7:24 video service and this directionality

7:26 built into this and you can also see the

7:29 traffic steering policies so does the

7:32 guest Network use internet breakout does

7:35 your point of sale system use failover

7:38 from your first broadband connection to

7:40 your next broadband connection or LTE

7:42 and then lastly you can apply your

7:45 security policies here with embedded IDP

7:49 IDs and your filtering however you may

7:51 have a customer that's interested in

7:53 some Next Generation security

7:55 functionality and with that Juniper has

7:59 Juniper security director cloud and our

8:02 secure Edge solution so if you have a

8:04 customer that it's looking for sassy

8:06 secure access Services edge with this

8:09 Juniper solution you can get your Cloud

8:12 access security broker your secure web

8:14 Gateway your firewall as a service

8:16 additional ztna all in a management

8:19 platform all under Juniper having a

8:22 single vendor sassy is a certainly a

8:24 juniper differentiator


8:27 and last but not least we're ready for

8:30 deployment and we have true ztp you can

8:33 use your iPhone or your Android device

8:36 to Simply scan the QR code that exists

8:39 on our access points on our switches on

8:42 our win Edge devices there's a port

8:44 that's available to the internet on the

8:46 wanedge device you plug it in it calls

8:48 home it downloads all those

8:50 configurations so that you can have that

8:52 store or re or Branch up and running

8:55 like I said within the hour and that is

8:57 time to revenue right there Network

9:00 administrators Drive exceptional user

9:02 experiences in their ability to rapidly

9:05 reduce mean time to repair with our AI

9:07 driven solution

MSP Dashboard

9:12 portal here this is our MSP dashboard

9:15 this is how we deliver you multi-tenancy

9:18 so you can get a single snapshot of all

9:21 of your customers within your estate

9:24 quickly here you have two options to

9:26 toggle between your inventory and your

9:28 AI Ops first we'll take a look at your

9:30 inventory you can see how many APS are

9:33 in use switches when edges what the

9:36 statuses of your licenses are and

9:38 subscriptions you can toggle to our AI

9:42 Ops so you can start to see what the

9:45 user experience is in real time for all

9:49 of your customers across your wireless

9:51 network your wired Network and your win

9:54 Network you can start to see how their

9:57 experiences is impacted in real time

10:00 being able to be now proactive instead

10:03 of historically reactive is a paradigm

10:06 shift in the service provider space Proactive

10:09 can allow you to now deliver a new tier

10:12 of service offering a premium a platinum

10:16 offering to your end customers to drive

10:19 new revenue streams and improve those

10:21 response times once you identify there

10:24 is an issue in the network and issues in

10:26 the network will still happen there's so

10:28 many different areas that can affect but

10:30 we can give you visibility from the

10:33 client through the wireless through the

10:36 switch through the wide area network all

10:38 the way to the application layer itself

10:42 if you do identify an issue you can dive

10:46 into the specific domain and drill into

10:50 whether it's an authorization issue

10:52 connecting to the access point and if it

10:56 is an association issue or a roaming

10:59 issue or ARP you can drill into the

11:02 affected items you can see the

11:04 individual Mac address what the access

11:07 points are affected with this specific

11:10 end user issue with our AI driven

11:14 chatbot Marvis our natural language

11:17 processing the industry's first AI

11:20 driven conversational assistant you can

11:22 use natural language processing to

11:24 troubleshoot the issue in this case

11:27 we're troubleshooting a mission critical

11:29 application within the store it's an

11:31 augmented reality mirror it's a high

11:34 bandwidth application that we've

11:36 discovered that there's potentially an

11:38 issue we simply put troubleshoot mirror

11:40 and we can begin to see what the issue

11:42 issue is with that particular

11:44 application from again client all the

Troubleshoot Mirror

11:48 way through the wireless the wired the

11:50 WAN all the way to the application

11:52 itself this visibility is unprecedented

11:56 in the industry but you could use

11:58 troubleshoot application to teams Zoom

12:02 you could troubleshoot a specific

12:04 location you could troubleshoot a

12:06 specific user again using natural

12:09 language you could say Wi-Fi sucks and

12:13 you could bring up what is happening in

12:15 the network for particular users that is

12:18 affecting their end user experience this

12:20 is all about delivering an unparalleled

12:22 user experience for both the network

12:24 administrator and the end user lastly

Marvis Actions

12:27 this is Marvis actions Executives in our

12:30 organization say this is your morning

12:32 cup of coffee view as to what you should

12:35 focus on within your network you can see

12:38 recommendations here for actions to take

12:41 to improve the users appearance the way

12:43 the AI works is that we're understanding

12:46 what a normal good Network experience is

12:49 for your end users and when there is an

12:52 anomaly there we analyze it and we

12:54 provide recommendations in this case the

12:57 access point has detected that there may

12:59 be a coverage hole and that the

13:02 suggestion is to reposition and add more

13:05 APS in order to provide accurate

13:07 coverage in many cases the AI has

13:10 already taken some actions maybe there's

13:14 an MTU mismatch misidentified missing

13:17 vlans or even a bad cable on a switch or

13:21 a Wan Edge we're integrating indoor

Indoor Location

13:24 location into the wireless device itself

13:27 there's 16 antennas in here that no one

13:31 else in the networking industry is is

13:33 delivering historically you had to have

13:35 physical beacons that you had batteries

13:37 that you had to place throughout the

13:39 store not with us Juniper access point

13:42 are providing Wi-Fi coverage you can

Virtual beacons

13:46 deliver virtual beacons these are

13:50 virtual beacons not physical Hardware

13:52 that you can deploy liberally because

13:55 it's virtual anywhere within you have

13:58 Wi-Fi coverage

14:00 to deliver push notifications

14:04 to track assets using Bluetooth as a

14:09 managed service providers you want to

14:10 encourage your end customers

14:12 to have their customers get on the Wi-Fi

14:15 network because once they do you can

14:17 control that personalization you can

14:19 improve their experience and then in the

14:21 retail setting you can understand dwell

14:24 times and you can understand where

14:26 there's customer bottlenecks you can

14:28 improve product placements you can track

14:31 back office inventory with Bluetooth

14:34 assets this works in two ways one is

14:36 user engagement we can understand the

User engagement

14:38 blue dot where is the user on their

14:41 device within your Wi-Fi network

14:43 secondly using Bluetooth we can ping

14:47 assets using our asset visibility tool

14:50 within the network I think of retail I

14:53 think of healthcare we can help you

14:55 identify critical medical equipment in

14:57 that hospital where's the closest

14:59 wheelchair infusion pumps I think about

15:02 Hospitality in delivering concierge

15:05 services the iot

15:07 industry within manufacturing can be

15:09 revolutionized using indo-location


15:13 again this is not new but it's new the

15:16 way Juniper is developing it and as a

15:18 managed service provider

15:20 and provide a solution to your end

15:23 customers that is industry leading so

15:25 not only is Juniper the leader in the

15:28 Gartner magic quadrant for Wired and

15:30 wireless we are the only networking

15:32 vendor the only networking vendor that

15:35 is also a leader in indoor location so

15:38 you can sell another industry-leading

15:40 solution to your end customers without

15:42 adding Hardware without adding software

15:45 which is revolutionary in terms of

15:47 helping you drive new revenue streams

15:49 and expand your total addressable market

15:51 so I want to thank you so much today for

15:53 joining me for this presentation of AI

15:56 driven Enterprise for managed Services

15:57 just to summarize very quickly as a

16:00 service provider we can help you rapidly

16:02 deploy new sites that is faster time to

16:05 revenue our AI driven Enterprise helps

16:08 you stand out people will ask for

16:10 Juniper's AI driven Enterprise Solutions

16:13 because we are a leader but we can also

16:15 help you rapidly reduce your mean time

16:17 to repair in your mean time to response

16:19 helping your network work administrators

16:21 take on more and do more with less and

16:24 lastly we can help you drive revenues

16:26 and expand your total addressable Market

16:27 with a broad full-stack portfolio of

16:30 wired wireless sd-wan security and

16:34 indoor location

16:35 also that is differentiated and full

16:39 stack

16:40 but your Enterprise customers what do

16:42 they need they want reliable

16:44 connectivity with exceptional

16:46 application performance which is what we

16:49 drive with this solution it's secure

16:51 threat aware from client to cloud and

16:55 delivers unparalleled experience for

16:57 your network administrators and for your

17:00 end user customers thank you so much for

17:02 joining me today

17:03 foreign

17:05 [Music]

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