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Hearing “The Wi-Fi sucks” isn’t much to go on when investigating helpdesk tickets. See how Juniper’s Mist AI can increase network visibility, accelerate troubleshooting, pinpoint problems — and solve them before anyone notices.

Hear from customers and networking experts about how AIOps can contribute to reducing costs and trouble tickets — sometimes by up to 90%. Discover how it helped them deliver an amazing experience to everyone on the network.

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You’ll learn

  • How AIOps can contribute to reducing costs and trouble tickets up to 90%

  • How to deliver a better user experience on the network

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Brand Creative Director, Juniper Networks


0:00 You there?

0:01 Can you see me?

0:03 Oh, hey.

0:04 Wow. It’s super creepy being stuck in the dark, isn’t it?

0:07 Well, the same is true when you’re trying to track down issues on your network,

0:11 especially, when help desk tickets are stacking up

0:14 and all they say is,

0:16 the WiFi sucks.

0:18 Doesn’t give you much to go on, huh?

0:20 And you know as well as I do that it may not even be

0:23 the WiFi.

0:30 Hey! I’m Paul.

0:32 Welcome to Juniper.

0:33 Today we’re digging into, “the WiFi sucks.”

0:38 Or does it?

0:39 “Well, the light’s on, so it must be fine.”

0:41 Up till now,

0:42 and with incumbent legacy networks,

0:45 you don’t get much to go on when investigating trouble tickets.

0:48 This, my friend, is a visibility problem.

0:51 “but the light is on”

0:54 And in most cases,

0:55 like she said, all you can see is, the light is on.

0:59 This changes now. With an AI-driven network,

1:01 you get the full picture of what’s happening on your network,

1:04 pinpointing any problems,

1:06 and even automatically fixing them before they ever become a problem.

1:11 Pretty cool, right?

1:12 Like so cool,

1:14 it can lead to a huge reduction of help desk tickets.

1:17 But don’t take my word for it.

1:20 We’ve driven a 90% reduction

1:22 in the number of issues reported by employees on wireless.

1:26 A 90% reduction in helpdesk tickets.

1:29 Unprecedented.

1:32 Now,

1:32 let’s take a quick look in our Mist product

1:35 and I’ll show you what you’ll be able to see,

1:37 so you can prevent those trouble tickets from stacking up

1:40 or even happening at all.

1:42 Here we are in Mist,

1:44 you’re seeing 7 SLEs, or Service Level Expectations.

1:48 Time to Connect, Successful Connects,

1:51 Coverage, Roaming, Throughput, Capacity, and AP Health,

1:55 all here to help you know exactly what’s going on in your network.

1:59 So, at a glance

2:01 “Successful Connects” stands out with only a 46% success rate.

2:06 Let’s click in and see what’s happening there.”

2:09 I can now see the factors that are contributing to this connection problem.

2:12 It looks like Authorization is the primary factor at 98%.

2:18 And then if I come down here I can start digging in more.

2:21 Such as the TIMELINE of this event happening,

2:24 or DISTRIBUTION so I can see the scope of the problem,

2:27 such as which APs are associated, and which operating systems.

2:32 And AFFECTED ITEMS to see which users

2:34 and applications are affected by the failure.

2:38 We can go deeper on each client.

2:40 Take “Denali” here.

2:42 I can see the actual events happening that impact Denali’s connection issues.

2:47 So I can now see root cause, and see things as detailed as dynamic packet capture.

2:52 With this unique level of deep insight,

2:55 you’ve just seen how quick it can be to uncover exactly what’s happening

2:59 and overcome a massive part of a troubleshooting headache,

3:03 making it much easier to start remediating a problem.

3:07 Now let’s hear about it in action.

3:09 How this insight has worked out for some Juniper customers.

3:12 Here’s a clip with our VP of Products, Sudheer Matta,

3:15 talking with Devin Miller from Seattle Public Schools.

3:18 One of my favorite features that we've got to experience,

3:21 we did have a couple minor issues with APs in the field,

3:24 but there's an ability where the, the APs will talk to neighbors via Bluetooth

3:30 and report issues about what's going on with the, with an AP that'll come up.

3:34 And that way I could go, well,

3:35 it's got an IP address, it's not getting an IP

3:37 address, it's on everything seems fine.

3:39 What's going on?

3:39 Even it saved a tremendous amount of time and stuff like that.

3:42 We were deploying it.

3:43 What Devon's talking about is, a Juniper Mist AP is actually gonna,

3:47 even if it has no cloud connectivity

3:49 because IP address is busted or port config is busted,

3:53 will be able to speak to its neighbor using Bluetooth.

3:56 Imagine if you are a retail store chain running thousands of stores.

4:00 Brad is, and Craig is, or a school district all over the city,

4:05 you know,

4:05 and running around finding these Aps and what's going on that Bluetooth,

4:09 you know, talking to the neighbor, AP game changing, right?

4:12 Absolutely,

4:13 I mean with the previous vendor solution that we had,

4:18 I wasn't around when they did that installation,

4:20 but

4:22 as we were do, as we're rolling this out and we're still rolling it out,

4:25 I've come to find

4:26 that there are APs that just never, ever came online

4:30 and no one even knew about it.

4:32 There's APs all over the district that no one knows anything about it.

4:35 We got lost. It wasn't tracked properly.

4:37 But it never happens to people.

4:38 We're tracking human spreadsheets, we're tracking them,

4:40 we don’t have to worry about this inventory tracking

4:42 and all these other things, and they just disappear.

4:44 And then someone says,

4:44 Hey, there's an AP here that doesn’t do anything at all.

4:47 And now we can see them now, that they're all being tracked properly

4:51 and they're coming online and reporting issues properly.

4:54 So the APs are working together to solve problems for you.

4:59 And like I showed you in the clip

5:01 the funny clips from our commercial, with “the light is on”?

5:04 Get a load of this.

5:05 When it was installed, there was a light on it,

5:07 so the installer figured right was fine.

5:09 But like in the Mist dashboard, it’ll say something like, no ethernet link.

5:14 It’s like how do I know if an AP is not working,

5:17 if it doesn't have an ethernet link?

5:20 Like that's how.

5:21 You’ve now seen how the network itself provides

5:24 insight into what’s going on

5:25 or not going on.

5:27 You also have Marvis to help you out

5:29 your very own Virtual Network Assistant,

5:32 that you can just simply ask,

5:34 “how is Bob’s Wifi today?”

5:36 Let’s hear more about Marvis, from Sujai Hajela, our SVP of Juniper Mist.

5:41 When you start talking to Marvis more and more, you can ask very simple things.

5:46 I mean, many of us have had these, you know, issues happen in a network.

5:50 We all huddled together.

5:51 There's a conference call.

5:53 We suddenly find out that we don't even know where the problem is.

5:55 We don't know what's the blast vector. We don't know who's impacted.

5:59 Simple questions, difficult answers.

6:02 Call up Marvis, bring Marvis.

6:04 Bring in in and say, Hey, how's my network doing?

6:07 You can ask, walk up to Marvi and say, Hey,

6:10 Taka is complaining in Japan.

6:12 What's going on with his issue?

6:14 Simply said,

6:15 Marvis comes and says having a roaming issue.

6:19 Great.

6:20 Now this is something by the way, we, I know we had some ServiceNow folks,

6:24 in the audience and they were moved up.

6:27 Thank you so much. Hi Sanjiv.

6:29 So if you think about it, this is something

6:31 which we learned from ServiceNow.

6:33 This is where I say company built based on the feedback we get from customers.

6:39 They had this program, and please allow me to say it

6:42 about program called Race to Zero.

6:45 And this was how do you maniacally reduce the trouble tickets

6:49 from over a hundred per month to they wanted zero.

6:52 I was a startup. I said, yes, I can do it.

6:54 We are down to at least two or three. So that's not bad.

6:57 But fundamentally, they were the ones who said, train Marvis that every morning.

7:01 All I want to say is how many unhappy users that there in your network.

7:05 You know? Exactly.

7:06 And you start getting proactive, right?

7:08 You start getting proactive in trying to address these things.

7:11 So if you think about Marvis, it was literally bringing it as bringing

7:15 AI as an interface where you have a digital concierge

7:19 sitting next to you, helping you with what's going on.

7:22 And that’s just a taste of what Marvis can do.

7:25 I hope you enjoyed seeing how Juniper’s AI-driven solutions can give you

7:29 more visibility into your network, saving headaches, saving time,

7:33 and making your life just a little bit easier.

7:37 Links are below if you want to catch the full videos of what I showed today,

7:41 or better yet, join us for one of our Wireless Wednesday’s demos.

7:44 And remember, don’t be afraid to demand more

7:48 from your network.

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