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Want the best user experiences? Start here. 

See first-hand how Juniper helps you deliver the best possible experiences for both wireless and wired users. From client to cloud, it all starts with Mist AI. 

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You’ll learn

  • How wired solutions powered by Juniper’s Mist AI and Wired Assurance simplify network operations 

  • How the Marvis Conversational Assistant transforms how IT teams interact with enterprise networks

  • How Juniper’s revolutionary AI-driven approach to wireless delivers optimized user experiences 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:00 at juniper networks we know that

0:02 experience is everything when it comes

0:04 to networking in the cloud era

0:06 that's why we designed our wired and

0:08 wireless access solutions to deliver the

0:10 best possible experiences from client to

0:13 cloud

0:14 let's explore juniper wired access

0:16 solutions

0:17 juniper access switches born in the

0:19 cloud and driven by mist ai deliver the

0:22 performance and scale you expect from

0:23 juniper with zero touch provisioning

0:26 proactive troubleshooting and

0:27 self-driving automation for ongoing

0:30 operational simplicity

0:32 provision deploy and operate juniper ex

0:35 series access switches from the juniper

0:37 mist cloud

0:38 wired assurance and marvis virtual

0:40 network assistant apply the power of

0:42 missed ai using streaming telemetry to

0:45 enable simple operations rapid mean time

0:47 to repair and the best visibility into

0:50 device experiences

0:51 the marvis conversational assistant

0:53 leverages missed ai to transform how i t

0:57 teams interact and engage with

0:59 enterprise networks

1:00 with natural language processing a

1:02 conversational interface prescriptive

1:04 actions self-driving network operations

1:07 and integrated help desk functions

1:09 marvis streamlines operations and

1:11 optimizes user experiences

1:14 juniper mist wired assurance allows it

1:17 teams to streamline operations and

1:19 deliver a new generation of experience

1:22 first networks

1:23 risk profiling driven by missed ai

1:26 brings juniper connected security to the

1:28 distributed access network edge

1:30 providing deep network visibility and

1:32 enhancing policy enforcement at every

1:35 point of connection

1:37 now let's explore juniper's wireless

1:39 access solutions

1:40 ai driven automation and insight coupled

1:43 with the agility and reliability of a

1:45 microservices cloud allows juniper to

1:47 deliver optimized experiences and

1:50 simplified network operations

1:52 now it teams can streamline operations

1:55 while delivering innovative and

1:57 strategic projects with iot and location

2:00 services that boost user engagement

2:02 locate assets and support proximity

2:04 tracing with ease and accuracy

2:07 mist ai uses machine learning and data

2:09 science techniques to optimize user

2:12 experiences and simplify operations

2:14 across the wireless access wired access

2:17 and sd-wan domains

2:19 juniper is leading the convergence of

2:21 wi-fi bluetooth le and iot with our

2:24 enterprise-grade access points

2:27 juniper access points work in

2:28 conjunction with the juniper mist cloud

2:30 architecture and missed ai to collect

2:33 and analyze metadata from all wireless

2:36 clients in near real time

2:38 when you combine juniper wired and

2:40 wireless access solutions with juniper

2:42 sd-wan solutions all driven by missed ai

2:46 you get end-to-end automation insights

2:48 and actions for the best end user

2:50 experiences from client to cloud

2:54 [Music]

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