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Wireless Service Level Expectations

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Traditional wireless LAN solutions are built on antiquated architectures that lack the scale, reliability, and agility needed to address today’s diverse enterprise needs. Juniper solves this with a revolutionary approach to wireless access that leverages AI-driven automation and insight, coupled with the agility and reliability of a microservices cloud to deliver optimized experiences and simplified network operations.

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You’ll learn

  • The difference between traditional LAN solutions and Juniper’s approach

  • How Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance simplifies troubleshooting

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Sudheer Matta Headshot
Sudheer Matta
VP Products, Juniper Networks


0:03 so let's dive into it our core

0:06 functionality for the network management

0:08 platform is around user service level

0:12 expectations so every user every minute

0:15 we collect the data to answer the simple

0:18 question is the are users able to

0:20 connect and are they having a good

0:22 experience so what you hear today see

0:25 here is the site level this is our

0:28 Global headquarters here in Sunnyvale

0:30 the entire site's Wireless experience so

0:34 we could take this one level up and

0:36 essentially show you where all the sites

0:39 in the around the world from their

0:41 service level expectations are doing and

0:44 you could take this one step further on

0:46 understanding the connected successful

0:49 connect experience and see you know

0:51 which sites are having certain issues

0:53 you know you can understand coverage you

0:55 know roaming we've introduced some

0:58 really cool roaming metrics this year

1:00 around signal quality and stability of

1:03 room all this kind of stuff this is on

1:06 the wireless side you could this is the

1:08 org level service level expectation view

1:10 that we talk about now

1:13 um the the next core function for our

1:16 platform is around understanding you

1:19 know the experience and taking it down

1:21 and saying you know who all are impacted

1:24 and once you know which devices are

1:27 impacted being able to go into an

1:29 individual device here I've zoomed in to

1:33 a specific device and that specific

1:35 device we're showing you now service

1:38 levels for that individual device every

1:41 device every minute we have the data and

1:44 being able to zoom in to a certain time

1:47 and say why was that device not having a

1:50 good experience aha it's it's DNS

1:52 failure you know the the device wasn't

1:54 having growth roaming experience aha

1:57 it's signal quality

1:59 every user every minute service levels

2:02 then you can go in and say okay I want

2:05 to understand

2:07 um this particular device

2:09 um and and go into that individual

2:10 devices experience and see what are the

2:14 specific signals what are the specific

2:16 failures we see for this device and

2:19 there's lots and lots of DNS failure for

2:21 this particular device right so being

2:23 able to get to that kind of level and

2:26 specificity of detail uh without uh uh

2:29 with just a couple of clicks that's the

2:32 power of the missed dashboard at a

2:36 operations level at a configuration

2:39 level as well

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