Sudheer Matta, VP, Product Management, Juniper Networks

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Sudheer Matta, VP, Product Management, gesturing as he talks in a video about Juniper solutions.

Connected devices with AI-powered automation

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance delivers a better wired experience, starting with onboarding to provisioning to the day-to-day management of Juniper EX Switches. You get simpler operations, streamlined troubleshooting, and better visibility into connected devices with AI-powered automation and service levels.

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You’ll learn

  • How to make operations simpler

  • What Juniper Mist Wired Assurance delivers

  • The possibilities for better visibility 

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Sudheer Matta
Sudheer Matta
VP, Product Management, Juniper Networks



00:00 [Music]

00:05 what mist has done

00:06 in the enterprise wireless market is

00:09 change the conversation

00:11 from network management to ai driven

00:14 operations

00:15 using ai and machine learning mist has

00:19 fundamentally

00:20 transformed the operational experience

00:23 from reactive troubleshooting to

00:25 proactive remediation

00:28 we're now super excited to bring this ai

00:31 technology

00:32 to the broader juniper wired portfolio

00:36 starting with juniper ex switching

00:39 what we have done differently in the

00:41 wireless space

00:42 is instead of focusing on the access

00:45 point experience

00:46 or the controller experience or the

00:49 controller of controller experience

00:51 adding more and more boxes like your

00:53 legacy vendors

00:55 we started with a cloud native

00:58 ai driven micro services-based

01:01 architecture

01:02 intently focused on the end user

01:05 experience

01:07 fortune 10 and fortune 500 customers

01:10 have told us

01:11 they have many many tools to tell them

01:14 if a switch is up

01:16 or a port is up even our competitors can

01:18 do that

01:20 what they have challenged us to do is to

01:23 bring

01:23 the wireless user experience metrics

01:26 over to the wired user

01:28 so when you plug in an iot device a

01:31 printer

01:32 an apple tv or a video camera

01:35 what is the experience of that device is

01:38 it able to connect to the service

01:40 is it getting the necessary bandwidth if

01:43 not

01:43 why not today that task of

01:47 wired user experience measurement and

01:50 remediation

01:52 is painfully manual and it

01:55 has to piece the story together across

01:58 multiple legacy systems

02:00 by bringing the missed ai engine to the

02:03 wired network

02:04 we're now launching the world's first

02:08 ai driven wired wireless campus

02:12 bringing ai across the wired and the

02:14 wireless user experience alike

02:17 so as you build your network of the next

02:20 decade

02:21 we would love to partner with you on

02:24 your journey

02:25 please sign up for a missed demo so you

02:28 can

02:29 personally experience the excitement of

02:32 fortune 10

02:33 fortune 100 customers who are choosing

02:36 ai driven switching and wi-fi

02:39 from juniper mist

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