Wired Assurance: Day 1 - Configuration Models (Global Templates)

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Screen capture from Wired Assurance demo video, showing configuration of EX Switches using global templates. Interface shows the name of the template and a list of switches to be configured.

Configure EX Switches using global templates.

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance makes Day 1 configuration simple, yet powerful. Watch this Wired Assurance Day 1 demo to see how to configure EX Switches using global templates with unparalleled power and flexibility at an organization, site, or switch level. This helps in scaling with consistency and ease.

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You’ll learn

  • Configuring switches using global templates

  • Configuring at the organization, site, or switch level

  • Creating specific IoT, corporate, or camera networks mapped to VLAN IDs

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



0:00 [Music]

0:06 juniper mist wired assurance makes day

0:08 one configuration

0:09 simple yet powerful the templates can be

0:11 configured at an org level

0:13 site level or a specific switch navigate

0:16 to organization and switch templates

0:18 we'll use prod template in this example

0:22 the first template configures the radius

0:24 and ntp servers at the org level

0:26 or for all the switches in the network

0:30 the shared elements configuration is

0:32 shared among the switches

0:34 this is where you can create specific

0:36 iot corporate or camera networks

0:38 mapped to vlan ids

0:45 you can create port profiles for camera

0:46 devices customizing poe settings

0:49 assigning networks and speed negotiation

0:56 once the configuration is set it's time

0:58 to apply the template

0:59 let's save this as test hyphen rule and

1:01 apply it to switches assigned with an

1:03 access role

1:04 or you can apply the rules to particular

1:06 switch models

1:08 the templates also allow you to apply

1:10 port profiles to port

1:12 ranges in all the switches assigned to a

1:13 site for example port 4 is for access

1:16 points

1:17 and port 5 is for iot devices

1:24 now the template can be applied to a

1:26 site at primary site you can see all the

1:28 inherited configuration that we just set

1:30 at a global level

1:32 these templates are simple yet flexible

1:34 meaning that you can override the global

1:36 configurations at an organization

1:38 site or switch level

1:41 [Music]

1:43 if we click into the ex2300 you see that

1:46 it has inherited the config defined by

1:48 the global templates

1:50 you can also choose to override template

1:52 settings changing it from to

1:56 time.google.com

2:00 this switch has also inherited all the

2:02 networks port profiles and switch

2:04 configurations

2:05 the templates make the initial setup

2:07 easy and can also

2:08 adapt to specific site or switch

2:10 settings as needed

2:12 you can also click into the port icons

2:14 to change the configurations as needed

2:16 for a single

2:17 or multiple ports

2:20 whether you configure templates and

2:22 profiles for one site or thousands of

2:23 sites

2:24 you can scale with consistency and

2:26 commonality with ease

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