Wired Assurance: Day 2 - AI-Driven Switch Insights

Demo Drop AI & ML
Screen capture from Wired Assurance demo video, showing dashboard indicating EX Switch performance metrics, such as CPU and memory utilization.

Uncover AI-driven switch insights.

See exactly how your EX Switch is performing with detailed switch metrics, including valuable insights into events, firmware updates, and system alerts. Find out how in this Wired Assurance Day 2 demo.

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You’ll learn

  • Accessing insights into switch events, firmware updates, and system alerts

  • Viewing device details like CPU, memory utilization, and bytes transferred

  • Seeing insights from the site or switch level

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



0:00 [Music]

0:07 click into switch insights to get an

0:09 understanding of how the switch is doing

0:11 over time

0:12 wired assurance logs and correlates

0:14 switch events such as configuration

0:16 changes

0:17 firmware updates and system alerts

0:20 clicking into an event brings up more

0:21 details around specific activities

0:24 so you never have to guess what happened

0:26 the switch insights also include cpu

0:28 utilization

0:30 memory utilization bytes transferred

0:33 port errors

0:33 and power draw

0:38 hovering over the ports in the digital

0:40 interface shows you high level data on

0:42 wired clients

0:43 or juniper aps based on the icon you see

0:46 there's also an option to view by port

0:48 list which also shows any clients or aps

0:51 that are connected

0:52 these insights can be viewed from a site

0:54 or switch level

0:58 and even down to a specific port or wire

1:00 client giving you full visibility into

1:03 your switch

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