Wired Assurance: Day 2 - Marvis Virtual Network Assistant

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Screen capture from Wired Assurance demo video, showing the Virtual Network Assistant interface with horizontal bar chart with red bars, representing users by degree of connection failures.

Meet Marvis.

Get to know Marvis, the first virtual network assistant for IT teams, and a key component to the Self-Driving 
NetworkTM. Marvis will quickly become a digital extension of your team. See how in this Wired Assurance Day 2 demo.

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You’ll learn

  • How Marvis can help streamline your IT operations

  • How to request info from Marvis, such as an overview of unhappy users

  • How Marvis can help you troubleshoot network issues

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



00:00 [Music]

00:07 marvis is the first virtual network

00:09 assistant for it teams

00:11 focused on streamlining operations

00:12 across wired and wireless

00:14 while boosting user experiences marvis

00:17 is how we can directly interact with

00:19 missed ai

00:20 it uses natural language so you can

00:22 avoid memorizing cli commands or

00:24 stitching dashboards together

00:26 simply ask a question or state your

00:28 intent such as show unhappy

00:30 users the requested data gets pulled

00:32 together

00:33 and shows the users with the highest

00:34 correlation of failure and success

00:39 it also shows the trends over the past

00:40 seven days so you know the top users to

00:43 investigate

00:45 for example let's say you get a call

00:47 from a user saying their laptop name

00:48 denali is not working

00:50 you can use marvis to get to the bottom

00:52 of this marvis shows the top problems

00:55 affecting this client

00:56 we see that the time to connect is slow

00:58 and that it's specific to the client

01:00 and what wlan and ap it's connected to

01:04 if you want to dig deeper we can see

01:06 things like service levels

01:07 classifiers correlations and events this

01:10 is where missed ai really

01:12 shines applying various data science

01:14 tools such as bayesian

01:15 inference and mutual information to help

01:18 you understand what is going on

01:20 expanding events brings up the event log

01:22 to show you when

01:23 issues first began and what happened

01:26 without having to recreate it

01:28 marvis is essentially a digital

01:30 extension of your team

01:31 helping to quickly troubleshoot and

01:33 resolve issues with ease

01:35 so you can gain back the time to work on

01:36 more strategic and impactful projects

01:40 [Music]

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