Wired Assurance: Day 2 - Wired Health Metrics

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Screen capture from Wired Assurance demo video, showing Wired Health Metrics interface, with a list of network switches and identifying data such as IP address and model number.

See your LAN performance at a glance.

Understand how your LAN is performing with key health metrics such as switch-AP affinity, firmware compliance, PoE compliance, and more—all accessed within the Switches tab. Watch this Wired Assurance Day 2 demo to see how.

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You’ll learn

  • Getting visibility into your LAN’s key health metrics 

  • Viewing device inventory in a list, topology, or location view

  • Tracking performance for non-Juniper devices 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



0:00 [Music]

0:06 the switches tab is where you can get

0:08 all the wired health metrics

0:10 switches in gray are being discovered

0:12 while green indicates that the switch is

0:14 online and fully managed by the juniper

0:16 mist cloud

0:18 the metrics at the top provide a high

0:20 level sense of how the switches below

0:22 are doing

0:23 non-juniper switches are still accounted

0:25 for and can get wired visibility via

0:27 lldp by connecting a juniper access

0:30 point and marvis

0:34 these health metrics include switch ap

0:36 affinity

0:37 meaning do you have too many aps

0:39 connected to a switch

0:40 poe compliance are the aps getting

0:43 enough power

0:46 other metrics shown include vlans

0:49 version compliance and switch uptime

0:52 aside from the list view you can also

0:53 choose to see the switches in a topology

0:55 or location view

0:57 the topology view is an interactive way

0:59 to see all your switches

1:01 and the aps connected to them

1:09 the location view shows a map of where

1:11 all the switches are located

1:15 whether you have juniper ex's or

1:17 third-party platforms

1:18 wired assurance delivers the wired

1:20 visibility and health metrics to give

1:22 you a good pulse on how the network is

1:24 doing

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