Wired Assurance: Day 1 - Port Profiles

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Screen capture from Wired Assurance demo video, showing dashboard with three columns of  for configuration of the port profile of an EX Switch.

Provision EX Switches with port profiles.

Port profiles provide a convenient way to manually or automatically provision EX Switch interfaces. In this Wired Assurance Day 1 demo, see how to provision EX Switches with port profiles by manually assigning profiles to specific port ranges, or by using auto provisioning.

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You’ll learn

  • Customizing settings such as PoE and STP

  • Manually assigning profiles to specific port ranges

  • Using the auto provisioning feature

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



0:00 [Music]

0:06 port profiles provide a convenient way

0:08 to manually or automatically provision

0:10 ex switch interfaces

0:12 going into the ex4300 will first create

0:15 vlans

0:16 we'll make a camera network with vlan

0:18 id30 and an iot network with vlan id29

0:22 you can create as many networks as

0:24 needed

0:26 you can create the profiles for example

0:28 a camera and map it to the camera

0:30 network that we just created customize

0:32 the settings as desired such as poe and

0:35 stp

0:38 we'll repeat this process to create

0:39 profiles for a corporate device

0:41 enabling 802.1x authentication

0:49 an iot device configured with poe

0:58 and an access point configured as a

0:59 trunk port it's very simple to modify

1:02 profiles to meet your specific

1:03 requirements

1:08 [Music]

1:09 then we go into the port configuration

1:11 section to associate the configurations

1:13 with port profiles

1:15 here we map ports 1 through 5 to be with

1:18 an ap

1:18 profile

1:23 port 6 through 10 with a corporate

1:24 device profile

1:30 ports 11 through 15 with iot profiles

1:37 and port 16 to 20 with the camera

1:39 profile

1:46 this is how to create port profiles

1:49 we can also create port aggregation

1:51 uplinks to be associated with the

1:53 appropriate

1:54 profiles

2:01 when you save all of your changes this

2:03 pushes the configuration to the

2:04 particular switch

2:06 this covers how ex switches are manually

2:08 provisioned with port profiles

2:10 from the juniper miscloud

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