Juniper Mist User Engagement Demo

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A still from the video shows a screen split vertically down the middle.  The left side is an image of people on an indoor balcony looking down at people walking.  The right hand side has a teal background with words “Demo” and “Real time people tracking” over top.

Juniper Mist User Engagement uses patented Virtual BLE (vBLE) array technology and cloud-based machine learning to provide real-time wayfinding and push notifications to mobile/wireless users. This demo shows the benefits of our vBLE technology to enable high accuracy location-based services for your end users. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Mist enables real-time people tracking/user wayfinding

  • See location-based push notifications 

  • Location wayfinding in a warehouse environment

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 and now to show you in real time how we

0:03 deliver people tracking with our user

0:06 engagement solution stack will give you

0:09 a demo of a carpeted space with

0:12 real-time wayfinding as well as a

0:15 warehouse space where we're tracking

0:16 people for analytics but also delivering

0:19 real-time wayfinding with the use case

0:21 being imagine a runner coming to pick an

0:24 order in a store and not knowing where

0:26 things are because they're not the store

0:27 employee

0:30 this is the Juniper EBC

0:33 we're using our device to navigate to

0:35 the Thomas Edison room we use the device

0:37 map to begin our walk

0:39 what is far more interesting is what's

0:41 going on behind the scenes

0:43 a missed access point is a platform that

0:45 not only provides Wi-Fi but also high

0:48 accuracy location services in the way

0:51 finding use case we use the 16 antenna

0:53 directional Bluetooth array as unique

0:55 transmitters

0:57 what we see here is RF glasses a

1:00 troubleshooting microservice spun up

1:02 that let us see inside the device note

1:04 the different estimates calculated to

1:06 provide a high quality Blue Dot also

1:09 note mist is measuring the amount of

1:10 beams adhered over time as well as speed

1:13 and direction directly from the device

1:15 sensors to fuse this data into a great

1:18 wayfinding experience

1:21 and how cool and easy are push

1:23 notifications

1:24 these can be created enabled disabled by

1:27 an API based on time time of day or

1:31 anything you want

1:33 how cool is that

1:35 here is a high ceiling Warehouse example

1:38 using the missed experience app we have

1:41 enabled some debugging features like

1:43 breadcrumbs and arrows showing which way

1:45 the device is actually pointed in space

1:49 looking behind the scenes we use RF

1:51 glasses to see what the device actually

1:54 sees here are the beams adheres the

1:56 loudest during this interval from

1:58 multiple missed access point platforms

2:02 we can see the beams heard over time as

2:05 well as getting information on speed and

2:07 direction directly from the device

2:09 sensors as well as network round trip

2:11 time

2:12 this demonstrates the versatility of the

2:15 access point as a platform and the

2:18 multiple types of high accuracy

2:19 location-based services

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