Connectivity Simplicity and Real-Time Information with Location-Based Services

The still image from the video is a cartoon-like drawing of a woman in a supermarket. She has a purse around her shoulder, and she is looking at her phone in her hand. There is a Wi-Fi signal next to the phone to show she is connected to the internet.

Retailers, see what Experience-First Networking can do for your store.

In just one minute, see how you can deliver personalized customer experiences that help grow your retail business. All it takes is simple and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and location-based services powered by Juniper. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to drive coupons and offers relevant to your customers right to their phone in store  

  • How the Juniper Connected Security suite of products secures every point of connection

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Security Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:02 Maggie has a long shopping list and only

0:05 a little time to grab what she needs so

0:07 she decides to shop at her local

0:09 Supermart because she knows they provide

0:11 an excellent interactive shopping

0:12 experience and that's because I.T

0:15 director Holly has employed Juniper

0:17 Networks to keep things running smoothly

0:18 across all Supermart locations Maggie

0:21 loves that her phone always has a strong

0:23 Wi-Fi connection When shopping and with

0:25 location-based Services her Supermart

0:28 app displays coupons and offers relevant

0:30 to the aisle she's on and whenever

0:32 there's an item she can't find a

0:34 Supermart employee can quickly check the

0:36 stock of other locations and warehouses

0:38 right from their device what IT director

0:40 Holly loves most is the security Juniper

0:43 Networks provides the Juniper connected

0:45 Security Suite of products secures every

0:47 point of connection to safeguard

0:49 Shoppers staff applications and

0:52 infrastructure so Holly knows that each

0:54 and every person at Supermart will have

0:56 an excellent and secure in-store

0:58 experience

0:59 so what are you waiting for see what

1:02 experience first networking can do for

1:03 your store Juniper Networks

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