Improve Retail In-Store Shopping Experiences & Warehouse Operations with Asset Tracking

The image is of a screenshot from the video. It’s a still of the woman in the video who plays the IT service provider. She is wearing a blue collared shirt and sitting at her desk and talking.

Never lose items in your warehouse again. 

Location-based services from Juniper can improve retail warehouse operations and in-store shopping experiences as well. Here’s how. 

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You’ll learn

  • A use case on how Juniper indoor location-based services can revolutionize retail warehouse operations 

  • How you can connect your online and in-store experience for your customers 

  • How IT providers can improve operations and and create unparalleled user experiences by calling Juniper

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0:00 [Music]

0:00 it director jill was taking the blame

0:02 for delayed and cancelled sales

0:04 let's face it

0:06 people haven't been coming in for years

0:08 and uh

0:09 we just can't figure out why

0:13 we were

0:14 unable to quickly

0:15 locate customer purchases and

0:17 necessarily guarantee

0:19 delivery times

0:21 i thought facilities team or

0:24 marketing team would be fixing this

0:27 what does marketing even do all day

0:32 anyways until those folks came to me and

0:35 told me that they needed my help to

0:37 implement location-based services that

0:39 is when the light bulb went off i should

0:41 have been ahead of this

0:43 i mean of course it was going to help

0:44 with asset tracking in the warehouse but

0:46 what about in-store

0:48 that's when i started doing research and

0:50 found juniper

0:51 they can enable all these possibilities

0:54 like self-checkout curbside pickup and

0:56 contact tracing even going beyond that

0:59 we could find peak hours for the herd

1:03 customers in stores uh their typical

1:05 flows of traffic and even how many

1:07 associates we might need in stores at

1:09 certain times

1:11 i was like wait we can actually connect

1:14 our online and our in-store experience

1:17 for our customers

1:19 that is a game changer

1:22 driven by experience

1:24 for more information contact juniper

1:26 networks

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