Bob Friday, VP and AI Chief Scientist, Juniper Networks

Luxury Hotelier, Jumeirah Group, Enhances Personalized Visitor Service | Juniper Global Summit

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Bob Friday

Provide service beyond expectations.

To provide exceptional service, luxury hotelier Jumeirah Group aims to anticipate guest needs and fulfill them in the preferred channel of the guests. Watch this interview with the head of IT to hear how Jumeirah Group transformed the digital experience while keeping operations invisible to guests.

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You’ll learn

  • How to meet and exceed customer expectations in the hospitality industry

  • Key initiatives that help Jumeirah Group improve the guest experience

  • How Juniper solutions allow further personalized user experiences

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Bob Friday
Bob Friday
VP and AI Chief Scientist, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma
Head of IT, Jumeirah Group