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Sujai Hajela Headshot
Sujai Hajela, SVP, AI-Driven Enterprise, Juniper Networks, standing and clasping his hands with city buildings behind him as he talks in a video about how Juniper optimizes user experience.

Up is not the same as good.

How many times have you had users complain about the Wi-Fi, while the dashboard shows the network is working just fine? Learn how to bridge the gap between performance and experience with automation, insight, and proactive actions for client-to-cloud. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why network performance doesn’t always translate to user experience

  • Why a new IT service model is needed to optimize operator and user experiences

  • The four fundamental pillars to optimize for experience

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Sujai Hajela Headshot
Sujai Hajela
SVP, AI-Driven Enterprise, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Jeff Aaron Headshot
Jeff Aaron
VP, Enterprise Product Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:00 [music]

0:07 -My name is Sujai Hajela, senior vice president of the AI-Driven Enterprise

0:12 and formally co-founder and CEO of Mist.

0:16 -I'm Jeff Aaron, vice president of enterprise marketing.

0:20 We are so pleased to talk to you about

0:22 the Juniper Experience-First enterprise portfolio.

0:25 First, let me ask you a question.

0:27 Have you ever heard someone say the Wi-Fi sucks,

0:30 but all the dashboards and event logs say the network is working just fine?

0:34 How about the internet isn't working at all,

0:36 but there are no records of a WAN service issue at all in the area?

0:39 This was my favorite.

0:41 My video is running slow today.

0:42 Is it a network issue, a server issue,

0:44 a cloud issue, or is it all in the user's head?

0:47 -All too often, there is a disconnect between network performance

0:51 and user experience, which frankly gets worse as the number of users,

0:57 devices, and applications grow in a given environment.

1:01 Jeff, up is not the same as good.

1:06 Just bossing traffic is no longer

1:09 an acceptable measurement of a successful IT infrastructure.

1:15 I profess to say, the old, reactive, manual,

1:20 and network-centric way of operating networks just doesn't cut it anymore.

1:26 A new IT service model is needed,

1:29 focused on optimizing operator and user experiences.

1:34 -Yes, that's a great point, Sujai.

1:36 Juniper knows that experience is the first

1:39 and most important requirement for networking in the cloud era.

1:43 To this end, Juniper is focused on putting our users,

1:46 the network architects, the builders, the operators at the center

1:50 of all that we do so that their users, the salespeople giving demos over Zoom,

1:56 the sales associates using a point-of-sale scanner in a store,

1:59 the students watching Netflix in their dorm rooms,

2:02 or the developers coding the next billion-dollar app,

2:04 we want to make sure that they are as happy and productive as possible.

2:09 This requires a relentless focus on experience

2:12 from when a customer is first engaged with us to how they deploy

2:16 and manage our solutions on a day-to-day basis.

2:19 This includes upgrades, troubleshooting, and feature roll-outs.

2:23 There are four fundamental pillars required to make this happen.

2:27 First is visibility, all the way down to the individual client, application, and session.

2:34 Second is a modern cloud for agility, resiliency, and scale.

2:40 Third, that's self-driving network operations, which provides efficiency,

2:44 cost savings, and proactive ongoing optimization.

2:48 Last but certainly not least is security, whereby every step along the way,

2:53 you can detect threats and act on them where it matters most.

2:58 You know what?

2:59 This all sounds a lot like what every vendor says, doesn't it, Sujai?

3:03 What makes Juniper so different?

3:05 -Yes, Jeff, much of the industry has started to copy our marketing message,

3:11 but several fundamental things make us very unique.

3:16 For starters, Juniper has a common solution for applying

3:20 customizable service levels from client to cloud.

3:25 We dare the competition to set and measure key performance metrics

3:30 across the wireless LAN, wired LAN and WAN,

3:34 and proactively assure optimal user experiences

3:38 all the way down to the client level.

3:42 No one does this like Juniper.

3:46 In addition, Juniper leads the industry in open programmability.

3:51 We literally defined intent-based networking with Apstra.

3:56 We are a proven leader in AIOps with Mist,

4:00 which delivers AI-driven insights for real-time actions

4:05 such as self-driving metric operations.

4:09 In fact, we dare the competition to solve network issues

4:14 with a simple language query like,

4:17 "What was wrong with Bob's video call yesterday?"

4:20 Marvis, our virtual network assistant, can do this.

4:25 Can anyone else do the same?

4:28 Juniper is also leading networking in the cloud era

4:32 from cloud-native workloads to managing devices

4:35 across multiple cloud instances to cloud-hosted operations

4:39 for troubleshooting, feature delivery,

4:42 trend analysis, reporting, and much, much more.

4:47 We dare the competition to roll out new features and updates every week.

4:52 Yes, every week via a microservices cloud like we do at Juniper while at Mist.

5:01 Last but not the least, Juniper stands out with its unique connected

5:07 security approach, delivering proven protection where it is needed the most.

5:13 -Juniper has a complete enterprise solution that encompasses

5:17 all of these unique elements to deliver the best operator and then user experiences.

5:22 More specifically, the Juniper Experience-First solution

5:26 has the following networking components,

5:28 which you can hear about in future sessions on the spotlight stage.

5:32 First is the AI-Driven Enterprise, which includes wired and wireless access

5:36 and Session Smart SD-WAN, all driven by Mist AI.

5:41 You definitely won't want to miss the upcoming session

5:43 with Sudheer Matta and Sue Graham Johnson where they do a deep dive

5:47 into these areas complete with interactive demos.

5:50 Second is our automated WAN solution,

5:52 which links different offices and data center facilities together with reliable connectivity.

5:58 Andrew Vaz will provide an overview of this area

6:01 and Matt Norland will give a special look at the active assurance

6:04 piece of the newly-launched Paragon Automation portfolio.

6:08 Third is cloud-ready data center, which provides scalable connectivity

6:13 and simplified underlay-overlay management with assurance.

6:17 Mike Bushong and Mansour Karam will cover

6:20 our award-winning data center switches and groundbreaking apps or solution.

6:24 They'll be followed by a demo challenge, which is pretty awesome.

6:27 You definitely don't want to miss that.

6:29 Of course, our connected security strategy is a common bond

6:33 that ties it all together by extending visibility, threat intelligence,

6:38 and enforcement across our entire portfolio.

6:41 Samantha Madrid will be covering this as only she can,

6:45 followed by a very special customer panel.

6:48 To learn more about these individual solutions,

6:51 please visit the spotlight stage following this session.

6:54 Before we go into deep dives into these individual solutions,

6:58 let's spend a little bit of time talking about the combined benefits

7:01 of the entire Juniper enterprise portfolio.

7:04 Sujai, maybe you can give us a real-world example of how having a complete

7:08 and integrated client class solution

7:10 provides real value to Juniper's customers.

7:13 -Sure. Here is an example we all can relate to.

7:18 Yesterday, Bob's video call dropped from his office.

7:22 Why?

7:24 Was it his Wi-Fi or was it simply a bad ethernet cable

7:28 between his access point and the ISP's modem?

7:33 Was it the application server in the data center or the cloud,

7:37 malware or some policy on his PC or, plain and simple, his internet connection?

7:45 With an end-to-end service level, event correlation, anomaly detection,

7:51 closed-loop assurance, and self-driving mechanisms,

7:55 you can easily discover exactly where the problem is

7:59 and fix it proactively even before Bob knew there was a problem.

8:05 In addition, our Marvis virtual network assistant provides

8:10 unbelievable level of insight and automation to your network

8:13 to ensure ongoing optimization of user experience.

8:19 It is like having an IT expert sitting next to you all the time.

8:23 Just ask Marvis a question and it will work with you in an interactive,

8:28 conversational manner to understand the scope

8:31 and the source of issue and provide prescriptive guidance

8:36 on how to fix these issues.

8:39 In fact, our goal is to have a majority of user issues

8:43 solved proactively by Juniper's AI-driven support.

8:48 To achieve this, for example, every single wireless trouble ticket

8:53 is currently put to the Marvis system so that

8:56 the system is constantly learning and getting more intelligent,

9:00 enabling our support to be streamlined

9:04 and proactive for the best customer experiences.

9:09 We will be doing the same for the wired WAN

9:14 and other places in the network soon.

9:18 -Yes, we are obviously so proud of all these product accomplishments and,

9:23 of course, of all the end-users

9:24 who have trusted their businesses to Juniper Networks.

9:27 Thank you.

9:28 Some of them like Aston Martin, Discovery, Inc., MIT,

9:31 Jumeirah Group, city of Philadelphia, CMC, Macquarie Telecom.

9:36 They have all agreed to tell their stories here in their own words.

9:39 For example, right after this session, you can hear all MIT

9:42 turned to Juniper to maximize wireless

9:45 experiences on their campus for students, faculty, and guests.

9:49 You can also learn how Jumeirah Group is delivering

9:51 amazing guest experiences in one, if not the most luxurious property

9:56 in the world using Juniper Wi-Fi and upcoming location services.

10:00 You can also see how Discovery, Inc.

10:02 is delivering an exceptional full-media experience to 800 million

10:07 monthly unique views using Juniper WAN routing.

10:10 In addition to these and other great testimonials,

10:13 we also encourage you to download the latest Gartner Magic Quadrants

10:17 For example, Juniper is a leader for the third year in a row, yes,

10:21 third year in a row, Sujai, in data center networking.

10:25 Our movement in the wired and wireless access Magic Quadrant is unprecedented.

10:30 We're on the rise in security and WAN edge,

10:33 thanks to our maniacal focus on delivering the best

10:36 end-to-end operator and user experiences.

10:40 -The Juniper enterprise portfolio simplifies operation

10:44 and puts a spotlight on users for the best

10:48 end-to-end experience from client to cloud.

10:52 The level of automation, insight, and self-driving actions

10:58 that we deliver simply didn't exist before

11:02 and cannot be achieved by our competition.

11:07 Imagine a day when Marvis actually joins your video call

11:12 as you are troubleshooting a problem.

11:15 A new era of Experience-First Networking is upon us.

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