Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks 

Experience-First Networking with CEO Rami Rahim | Juniper Global Summit

Global Summit 2021 Leadership Voices Rami Rahim
Rami Rahim
Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks, standing and talking about network ops and user experience. Text on left reads, "70% Faster mean time to resolution," "83% Reduction in OpEx," and "99% Improvement in agility."

The global network is more critical than ever.

Juniper is leading the industry in delivering the best experience for network operators and end users. Hear from CEO Rami Rahim on Experience-First Networking in this video from the Juniper Global Summit.

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You’ll learn

  • How networks have become core to the value chain of all businesses

  • Why networks of the next decade will look drastically different

  • Why we must shift the focus from performance and scale to operational simplicity

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Rami Rahim
Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks 


00:07 -Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us.

00:09 I am thrilled and grateful you've made the time to be here with us today.

00:15 It probably goes without saying

00:16 that this past year has been extraordinary.

00:19 So I first want to thank the healthcare workers and everyone else on the front

00:24 lines, keeping us safe and striving to maintain our way of life

00:28 as best we can, as well as send my sincere thoughts

00:32 to everyone who' s been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

00:36 Of course, the past year has also cast a spotlight

00:40 on many aspects of life that we used to take for granted.

00:44 From my view as CEO of a networking company, it' s never been

00:48 more apparent how critical the global network is to maintaining

00:52 some level of continuity in both business

00:55 and our personal lives, but change is afoot.

00:59 In fact, change has always been a driving

01:02 force since the early days of the internet.

01:05 Today, that pace of change has only accelerated.

01:10 It' s accelerated the nature of our modern world, the need for businesses

01:15 to digitize, and our insatiable appetite to consume and create data.

01:21 It all dictates a radically different approach

01:24 to how we build the foundation of our digital lives.

01:30 Before we dive into what these changes mean for Juniper and how they drive

01:35 our innovation, I assume most of you caught the news a month or so ago

01:40 about the NASA Rover Perseverance landing on Mars.

01:45 As a technologist and an enthusiast,

01:48 it was fascinating

01:49 for me to follow this event, not only because of what it means

01:53 for scientific discovery and interplanetary research but also

01:57 how they managed to accomplish this incredible mission.

02:01 As a great customer of ours, watching the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab fulfill

02:06 its mission has also certainly filled me with a great sense of pride.

02:13 Let' s rewind quickly for a little historical context

02:16 to the first moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969.

02:21 That moon mission and the spacecraft that was built to accomplish it were

02:26 packed with what represented the pinnacle of technology at the time,

02:30 state-of-the-art redundant computer systems, cooling space

02:34 suits, space-age fireproof materials, and freeze-dried food.

02:39 Guiding the lunar landing module

02:41 required the precise control of three human

02:44 astronauts who navigated its descent onto the moon for the first time in history.

02:52 Even with computers onboard, astronaut Neil Armstrong still had

02:57 to manually take control of the craft in the last moment of the landing

03:01 to carefully lower it down onto the moon' s surface

03:05 while avoiding dangerous like boulders and craters.

03:09 In Armstrong' s words, The unknowns were rampant,

03:12 and there were just a thousand things to worry about.

03:18 Fast forward to modern day,

03:20 the objective is now to land a human on Mars.

03:24 The problem of course is that Mars is millions of miles farther

03:28 than the moon, so a journey there takes over 100 times longer.

03:33 It is no wonder that it is a journey that still

03:37 cannot be accomplished by humans, at least not yet.

03:40 The technical barriers are just immense.

03:44 At least for now, the name of the game will be about uncrewed missions.

03:49 While feasible, these missions are certainly no small feat.

03:54 NASA' s Perseverance project started in 2013 and costs

03:58 almost three billion in development dollars.

04:01 Practically every aspect of the mission has been awe-inspiring,

04:07 but maybe the most amazing part was in the Rover landing itself.

04:11 It's seriously the stuff of science fiction thrillers.

04:16 The process to get the landing craft, carrying the Rover

04:20 onto the surface of Mars only took around seven minutes.

04:24 Seven minutes commonly referred to by mission controllers

04:28 as seven minutes of terror, and for good reason.

04:33 In that short time period, the spacecraft had to slow

04:37 down from over 12,000 miles an hour down to zero

04:41 without crashing onto the planet' s surface.

04:45 It had to see below and around itself and make constant adjustments

04:50 to avoid poor landing sites on a challenging Martian terrain.

04:55 It had to shed its solar panels, radios, and fuel

04:59 tanks at precisely the right time on the way down.

05:03 With a communication latency between earth and Mars, anywhere

05:06 between five and 20 minutes, the landing had to be fully autonomous.

05:12 In other words, no human involvement whatsoever.

05:17 It should come as no surprise

05:19 that the Perseverance Rover has more automation

05:22 and artificial intelligence technology built into it than any prior Mars mission.

05:29 Humans had been completely eliminated from the equation by necessity.

05:36 Why am I telling you all this? To make a point.

05:39 While the situation might not be quite as extreme here on Planet

05:43 Earth, the need to remove humans from the equation exists here as well.

05:51 It goes without saying that without humans

05:54 a mission like this would not be possible at all,

05:58 but achieving more and exploring further becomes a practical,

06:02 impossible feat without the help of machines or automation and AI.

06:10 Humans need to have the time to focus on innovating, on building

06:14 amazing things that deserve to be celebrated, like the networks,

06:19 the power connections, and empower change around the world.

06:23 Planning what a network should look like, setting up and configuring it,

06:27 and then running ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting,

06:30 managing updates and assuring service uptime can comprise

06:34 a monumental series of complicated tasks, manual tinkering,

06:38 and days and days of tedious work.

06:42 Those are precious days that could be spent on higher-level tasks that drive

06:48 the business forward, not just wasted on keeping the IT lights on.

06:54 For decades, this industry has become a race to out spec

06:59 and leapfrog each other with the latest and fastest box

07:03 as the complexities of operating the network mountain.

07:07 Juniper was founded on and has derived at success from making high-performance

07:13 networking silicon, systems and software for large and typically,

07:17 very technical customers around the world.

07:21 The good news is that Juniper is very good

07:23 at this, and we all continue to be very good at it.

07:28 Networks for the next decade

07:30 will not look like the networks of the last two decades.

07:34 While networks have traditionally been core to the value chain

07:37 of service providers, in particular over the last 20 years, now,

07:41 they are core to the value chain of all businesses.

07:45 As infrastructure has become infinitely

07:48 more complex, the box simply isn' t enough.

07:54 Winning the next decade of networking will require a new

07:58 solution that shifts the mindset from traditional measures

08:02 of performance and scale to one focused on operational

08:06 simplicity through software driven automation and assurance.

08:11 Think about this as going beyond just building better networks.

08:15 Our goal is to make networking better.

08:18 The distinction might sound subtle, but it is not.

08:23 This is why Juniper is so committed

08:26 to simplifying the life of the network operator

08:29 to fundamentally transform her experience of deploying and running

08:33 the network, to free her time from the mundane job of keeping the lights on,

08:38 and allowing her to truly move the needle for the business,

08:42 so she can be a hero to her customers, our customers.

08:46 You deserve a better experience.

08:51 At Juniper, we' re not landing a Rover on a planet

08:54 that' s hundreds of millions of miles away.

08:57 Maybe we play a small part in it, but to us, transforming

09:01 the experience of networking is just as exciting.

09:05 For instance, the IT heroes at ServiceNow have crushed the number

09:09 of trouble tickets they' re dealing with on a day-to-day basis by 90%.

09:15 This means that 90% of network issues are now being

09:19 resolved and or completely avoided by machines, by AI.

09:26 Think about what that means to the experience

09:29 and happiness of the IT staff.

09:32 Think about what that means to those that depend on the network

09:36 to connect, innovate, and engage with end customers.

09:40 Sounds easy enough. Right?

09:42 After all, many other industries from mobile phones to makers

09:47 of business and personal applications have hired entire

09:50 teams and poured billions of dollars into improving

09:54 how we use and how we feel about using their products.

10:00 I' m sure you could all name a few of your favorite brands

10:04 that make apps or products that you really enjoy using.

10:08 Unfortunately, and admittedly, I don' t think there are many

10:13 who would list a networking company in that same lineup.

10:16 At Juniper, we are going to change that.

10:22 We' re going to do it while focusing on three business

10:25 areas, each representing a different network use case.

10:30 Wide area network solutions that can handle cloud scale and agility,

10:35 cloud-ready data center solutions for public and private data centers,

10:40 and cloud-delivered AI-driven solutions for the enterprise.

10:45 Security is, of course, a foundational element

10:49 to everything, which is why we call it connected security.

10:54 First, I want to share with you how we' ve been changing

10:58 the game with our AI-driven enterprise portfolio.

11:01 This business includes Mist Wireless APs, EX

11:05 Switching, Branch SRX Security Routing, and SD-WAN,

11:10 all cloud managed and AI-driven through the Mist cloud.

11:15 More than that, it is a prime example of the power

11:19 of Experience-First differentiation driving real customer value.

11:24 At the heart of our AI-driven enterprise business is our AI engine

11:29 Marvis, which more than anything else I have seen in my career

11:34 is delivering on the promise of Experience-First networking.

11:39 As many of you have probably noticed, AI has gotten a bit of a bad

11:44 rep given how noisy the space has become and how liberally people,

11:48 especially our competitors, apply the term to just about anything.

11:54 Naturally, there are skeptics out there. I get that.

11:57 I was one of them but make no mistake, our AI solutions

12:03 and what we are delivering is as real as it gets.

12:07 Perhaps the fact that one of the top universities in the world,

12:11 which also happens to be widely recognized as the birthplace of AI,

12:16 Dartmouth College chose Juniper to provide AI-driven wired and wireless

12:21 networking is proof enough that what we have created is real AI.

12:27 With Marvis, Dartmouth is able to manage 27,000 devices with a very limited

12:34 IT staff and is even able to augment their help desk staff with students

12:39 that have little or no IT experience.

12:42 Now, I know that our competitors have been talking a big AI game or as one

12:48 financial analyst said to me during one of our recent investor day

12:52 events, "Many of your competitors have basically

12:55 adopted the same story, the same pitch."

12:59 The problem is, you can' t just put a legacy

13:02 LAN controller built for complex on-prem

13:06 deployments in the cloud and call it a modern cloud-delivered solution.

13:10 To do it right, to generate the results we' re delivering every day,

13:15 the competition would need to literally start from scratch.

13:18 Marvis has now been collecting valuable data from networks

13:23 around the world, as well as the devices connected to them

13:27 and learning from that data for over five years.

13:31 Even if the competition where to start leveraging AI today

13:35 in their own ways, they' d find themselves years behind where we are.

13:41 That' s an eternity in high-tech.

13:46 By threading Marvis through our switching, routing, and security

13:51 products, Marvis is only getting smarter and smarter,

13:55 making even more and better decisions all on its

14:00 own without a human touching the controls.

14:03 Marvis is truly unique and organizations all around

14:08 the world will continue to benefit from its differentiation.

14:14 To me, it' s no wonder why Gartner positioned Juniper as a leader,

14:19 highest inability to execute in their 2020 Magic Quadrant

14:23 for wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure.

14:26 We' re leaders. In fact, I would say we' re the leader.

14:30 Now what? Now is the time to realize the full vision

14:34 we have for our AI-driven enterprise business.

14:37 From day one, the vision behind the Mist experience has always been client

14:43 to cloud, not just wireless LAN and not even just wired and wireless.

14:49 Delivering a great user experience is necessarily about

14:54 everything between user and the cloud because ultimately,

14:58 that' s the end-to-end path that will make or break the end-user

15:03 experience, which is exactly why we' ve recently combined

15:08 with 128 Technology to bolster our vision of client to cloud

15:14 and to take our momentum and success to a whole new level.

15:20 Why 128 Technology?

15:21 After all, it' s no secret that our industry

15:24 is littered with SD-WAN solutions.

15:27 It comes down to three things.

15:31 First, 128 provides a best-in-class operator

15:36 experience for both deployment and ongoing operations.

15:39 Second, 128 brings superior economics because

15:43 of its unique tunnel-free architecture.

15:46 We' re talking here about a 40% reduction in WAN

15:50 overhead and a 75% savings in hardware costs.

15:54 Lastly, 128 offers superior performance, especially for the kinds of network

16:01 applications that matter most today, like real-time voice and video.

16:07 For example, it can take up to 30 seconds to resolve

16:12 a dropped video called using a traditional

16:14 SD-WAN solution because it takes time to find another network tunnel.

16:18 With 128, that happens in under a second.

16:22 Now, I don' t know about you, but if I' m on a customer video call

16:25 and I drop for 30 seconds, that can be much more than just mildly annoying.

16:31 It' s unacceptable.

16:34 It' s clear, that our Experience-First strategy is changing

16:39 the game in enterprise client to cloud networking.

16:44 We' re not stopping there.

16:47 Let' s look at the data center, the heart of next-gen cloud services.

16:52 In this business, we' re specifically focusing on our public, private,

16:57 and hybrid cloud data center solutions with our QFX switching

17:01 portfolio and Contrail software-defined networking offerings.

17:05 It' s with this portfolio that we' re able to support

17:08 our customers like Zoom Video Communications,

17:11 which trust Juniper to power its data center infrastructure.

17:16 We all saw the absolutely massive amount

17:19 of growth Zoom has undergone this past year.

17:22 We have a fantastic portfolio in place with industry-leading

17:27 EVPN-VXLAN support, which is increasingly becoming the network

17:32 protocol of choice for the modern data center.

17:35 We were first to market with a 400G Switch

17:38 leveraging Broadcom' s latest, Trident 4 Chipset.

17:41 Junos Evolved has the necessary attributes of a cloud-ready OS.

17:49 While the past has been dominated by CLI and the future

17:53 is making the experience of networking better, allowing people

17:59 to spend time innovating, not merely operating.

18:04 To that end, we' ve now coupled our portfolio with a truly

18:08 best-in-class automation solution by combining it with Apstra

18:13 bringing self-driving networking to the data center

18:15 with a solution developed by real industry luminaries.

18:19 In fact, Apstra pioneered the intent-based concept of network operations

18:25 that radically simplifies deploying and operating modern data center networks.

18:32 Just describe how the data centers should behave in terms

18:35 of outcomes and watch the system implement and continuously assure

18:40 that the network behavior matches your intent.

18:44 In fact, one large cloud customer running a data center

18:47 network with hundreds of switches conducted an internal

18:51 study of its Apstra deployment and found that it had achieved

18:55 a 70% faster time to resolving issues, an 83% reduction in OpEx,

19:02 and a 99% improvement in agility over its previous solution.

19:09 When you consider that our recent Uptime Institute survey found

19:13 that half of data center operators are now experiencing staffing

19:17 shortages and difficulty filling open positions, it' s no

19:21 wonder why there' s such a need for intent-based networking.

19:26 Yahoo! Japan would probably agree.

19:29 They said, of using Apstra, all you need to do is connect

19:33 the switches to the network and Apstra automatically configures them.

19:37 What used to take several days is now completed in tens of minutes.

19:45 Last but not least, let' s look at the WAN.

19:47 The business that put Juniper on the map.

19:52 It' s what allows us to count 49 of the top 50 service providers

19:56 and 20 of the top 20 cloud providers among our valued customers.

20:02 With the advent of 5G and 400G, the WAN is undergoing a major upgrade cycle.

20:08 We' re executing in this business to bring the same benefits of Experience-First

20:13 operational simplicity to our service provider, cloud provider,

20:18 and large enterprise customers as they transform

20:21 their networks for the next decade of networking.

20:25 Our approach is to focus on three key areas, the 400G

20:30 influxion, Metro and Access networking, and automation.

20:36 When it comes to performance, our classroom has a rich history.

20:41 We' ve had a front-row seat and learned every step

20:45 of the way from the most demanding hyper-scale cloud

20:48 providers and top-tier service providers in the world

20:52 as they' ve evolved their networks over the years.

20:56 Well, we' re now bringing that rich history and lessons to bear

21:01 for the 400G transition and we' re already partnering with our customers

21:05 to make this transformation a reality.

21:09 We' ve made our operating system Junos more

21:12 modular to enable a far simpler upgrade process.

21:15 We' ve made it more flexible to meet the demands of our cloud

21:19 customers that require more programmability and Junos'

21:23 advanced-state management gives operators a greater level

21:27 of visibility and much better access to data across the entire network.

21:33 We' ve now released four new Silicon Engines in the last

21:37 three years to improve performance, power efficiency, programmability,

21:42 and security to pave the way for 400G.

21:47 I have no doubt that this influxion will be big.

21:51 We have compelling and differentiated technology

21:55 and are ready to help you capture this next speed grade in networking.

22:01 In fact, we' re already seeing strong momentum with well over 100 customers

22:06 around the world who' ve made the decision to build their networks

22:10 with Juniper' s 400G routing and switching products.

22:15 Another important WAN opportunity that I am

22:18 really excited about is the Metro.

22:20 Simply put, you can' t build a robust 5G network without building

22:27 a Metro access and aggregation network that' s capable

22:31 of dealing with the vast increases in scale, and capacity,

22:36 and new service expectations that 5G promises.

22:41 In many ways, the Metro has become the new high-performance intelligent EDGE.

22:48 As a result, analysts from ACG predicts that by the year

22:53 2025, the combined average monthly mobile and fixed

22:57 broadband traffic per user on the Metro will increase nearly four

23:03 times making this one of the fastest-growing

23:06 subsegments of the WAN.

23:09 This means we must rethink how the Metro is built to prepare

23:14 for all of the opportunities and use cases 5G will unlock.

23:22 As I' ve said earlier, this isn' t about throwing more boxes at the problem.

23:28 The new challenge is in reinventing the network

23:31 to deliver more than just connectivity.

23:35 Our strategy for the automated WAN is to go beyond simplifying operations.

23:41 We want to give service providers the ability to do more than just

23:45 sell connectivity, but to also offer assured experiences to end-users.

23:51 Why? Because service providers have said that improving the customer

23:56 experience is actually the top-strategic priority for them according

24:02 to a global study of telco priorities from Ernst & Young.

24:06 A higher priority than cost controls, a higher priority than

24:10 organizational agility, and even higher priority than network upgrades.

24:14 Experience matters more than ever, especially at a time when user

24:21 expectations are at an all-time high and attention spans at an all-time low.

24:28 We' ve been working diligently to evolve the needs of the Metro with a new

24:34 solution that we just announced last week to help our customers simplify

24:40 network architectures and service provisioning.

24:44 Then you Cloud Metro, as we call it, combines

24:49 the raw horsepower of our industry-leading routers

24:52 with the automation prowess from our Juniper Paragon Automation

24:56 Suite to give our service provider customers a much simpler path

25:02 to fully assured and intent-driven service delivery life cycle.

25:08 What does that really mean?

25:10 Well, it means you can focus on driving your business forward, not

25:16 worry about the manual specifics of deploying and provisioning.

25:21 It means you can innovate new services to delight

25:25 end-users and exceed their expectations.

25:28 It means you can change the experience of the network.

25:33 As many of you likely saw last year, we acquired Netrounds, now called

25:39 Paragon Active Assurance, to give the solution portfolio a clear edge.

25:44 It gives our customers the ability to go from just offering basic connectivity

25:50 to actively assuring the highest quality of experience

25:54 possible to your end-users.

25:59 Take, for instance, what Orange Egypt, a service

26:01 provider with over 30 million subscribers

26:04 in the Middle East said about using Paragon Active Assurance,

26:08 Our operations and engineering teams can locate and fix issues

26:12 before they impact our subscribers' quality of experience.

26:16 Typically, telecoms assurance solutions take months to deploy,

26:21 but we completed this deployment project in record-breaking time.

26:26 Metro networks are about to get a lot more exciting,

26:30 and Juniper is ready to lead the way.

26:36 In summary, these are the areas in which we' re investing

26:40 and the strategy we are executing on at Juniper.

26:44 I believe with full conviction that this strategy will pay off,

26:48 not just for us, but more importantly, for our customers, for you.

26:54 As humans, we' ve spent centuries overcoming

26:58 obstacles that were once thought to be impossible,

27:02 vaulted mental hurdles and broken physical barriers have

27:06 become routine sightings in the wake of all we' ve achieved,

27:11 exploring the far reaches of outer space and delivering breakthrough

27:15 vaccines in record time are the latest headline-grabbers,

27:20 but these milestones will not decelerate.

27:23 There will be more discoveries, more innovations,

27:26 more progress, and more achievements in the coming years ahead.

27:31 Technology, more specifically, the global network that keeps

27:34 us all connected, should never be what holds us back.

27:40 We' ve reached a point where humans, for all that we' ve overcome

27:44 and achieved, simply cannot keep up with the task of manually managing rising

27:50 complexity and the deluge of data traversing our networks.

27:55 This is why our commitment to all of you, our customers

27:59 and partners, is delivering networks that are highly automated,

28:03 self-running through intelligence and software,

28:06 and increasingly through AI.

28:08 This is why our true North is Experience-First Networking.

28:15 Thank you very much.

28:18 [music]

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